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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Typical Gig -

A. whati ate today. morning- grapes lunch- soup veggies curry rice small cup of brown lukewarm water. later i had dinner with the bosses... wow everything was raw! i wish i had my camera! The fish was cut up and then decoreated with it's own meat! It winked at me like " go ahead make my day. Rawoctopus Raw veggies, pork beef... This was expensive dinne. Luckily i threw it up as soon as i got back to my highly effiecent apt. And the went out to eat greasy cheesy chicken and colaa.. hmmrefreashing

B. Today classes went well... i'm really using every piece of hugh tech equipmentthey gotin thatplace.( 100in touch screen monitor, internet game that show up on each of their computers. they are competeive so they like to race against each other.. played some michael jackson and taught a lesson on music. Boys are hard to deal with. usua punishement involves making the exercise. but i found sometihing worse than death: girls! THAT' S RIGHT- YOUI WANNA ACT UP iin andrea teacher class?!?! Go sit by emma!!! 1, 2, 3, NO oooo teach i sorry, so sorry. That's what i though punk. DO YOU EVER INTERUPPT MICHAEL JACKSON AGAIN!!!

Besides this it was boring. i only taught 3 times which mean i had 6 hours to email chat w/ friends prepare eat lunch BS> etc.. I'm begnning to think that this is a differnet job than what i expected..sweet! Yesterday i was told to prepare to stay after school so that myself and brandon teacher could go to big expensive dinner with principal and board of directors. Of course i'm not supposed to mention this to them and they are not supposed to question why today i didn't race down the school steps as usual with my only lifesupport for the past week. really. Of course i let them know w and they told me to expect to be bored- butt will fall asleep b/c of floor seating. I'm fat i can't sit cross legged for 3 hours! and that they would justspeak korean with each other and ignore me.. i'mthinking-- ok well at least i get to eat good. At 520.. people start leaving.. we stay...people start questioning beckoning us to go with them.. it's tempting.. i'm still pissed about my alien card so-- if i left and got lost in town they could contact me b/c i don 't have a cell umber BECAUSE I DON"T HAVE A FREAKING CARD!.. i dream about this damn card... sweet jose! Any ways everyone leaves and we sit alone for 20 minutes with no further direction. Hav they forgotten us? Is this a joke? Is this when we get sold into prostitution? It'sfreaking erie..the just don't know how to make u feel welcome- they try- $$$ dinner but they sent a cab for us. Did we know -NO! He had to wave us down and toss me in the back- i hadn't planned on going willingly but i was wearing heels..

sidenotes: heels are good for womanly image! heels to work then change to traditional slippers.. no sore feet! hot dayum are u taking notes america?

Bradon teacher starts in with BS. consiracy everyone hates me, i'm leaving in #?days.. the sad thing is that he'd be so doable if he didn't have a brain.. at the restuarnt we are ignored immediately and ushered inside - there's 15 wierd food dishes waiting ..every 10 minutes about 3 more come out. It hard to eat because the good stuuf is in front of the head haunchos who invited u to try this ore that but NEVER move it you way.. It's impolite not to eat at expense dinner supposedly in our honor so i rabbit my way through it and pretend to chew vigorously is someone looks at me. The caught me and made eat some of everything raw! arfghrs! Brandon teacher rattles on about perverted topics.. the haunchos don't speak english so there are 2 teachers to translatefor/ ignore us as well. Everyone in a while i field a question about USA or ALABAMA which i have no clue how to answer. i do my best and the co teacher translate something intelligent i hope. My saving grace is that they principal digs my blue contacts and the fcat that ive dressed professionally for the past days. Usually dress code is jeans and tshirts minus the holes... I play footsie w/ brandon teacher who decided we should have a candid innappropriate conversation about the bunny ranch.. they won't know if you don't look guilty teacher andrea.. it's fun and makes the time fly by. Still dinner is 2 houirs...

We consude nd get taken back to partment.. 10 of puking for the first time in Korea and i'm ready for me some BBQ baby! I settled for the chicken cheese dish. After this back to HOMEPLUS the knock off of wal mart to buy some flat irons.

Side note: my USA extra super duper black gyrl flat irons cost 100 USD and there's not enough currnet in all of korea to get them hot. So i had to get more asap... Got some icecream and WHOA- saw a foriegner! I almost ran to her!! Hello where from? i ask " from across the street where the rest of the waygooks are getting plastered..." dang on wednesday.? Yup gotta make it through the week somehow! it seems tht some have real jobs unlike lucky andrea teacher.

I make my way to the fish grill an chat up 8 new folks.. n one with tans as good as mine.. but i like being special. From this interaction i find that yeong ju has a facebook group w/ 25 folks currently here.. well i'll be hot dang!

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