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Thursday, July 3, 2008


If you decided to go abroad- YAY! Kudos to you! But here's some advice-even if you were wonderwoman in a past life... don't think you can pull off that act 50,000 miles away from home. I was a go getter back home.. but my sickness has taught me that i can't do everything.. (Spring 04 Legacy dies slowly)...Rest is something you can't skimp on b/c it will show up and whoop your ass sooner than later. I had to go back to the doctor yesterday becasue instead of resting I went traipazing off to another city in the pouring rain and then stayed up late and guess what.. got drunk. Well I though i was going to die in my sleep. My temp shot up to 101.7..I immediately shifted gears... so now afterschool instead of running all over to spend money i should be saving buying stuff i don't need.. i'm going to come home and sleep.. like a rock!

I bought gifts for everyone who helped me when i was sick. Felicia got 2 expensive bottles of wine and she's such a gracious gal. The other tecahers will recieve their coffee mugs tomorrow.. and for the guys.. i'm giving them ceremonial sucide knives. It's supposed to be for girls- if anyone should rape them.. rather than bring that shame to their families.. they would simply kill themselves. I thought wow... with a bit of's make an amazing gifts for the guys.. Violated?.. Go OFF yourself!.. i love lucy swung by and said that the knife was only for gifts foe guys

I find myself getting testy with lots of people.. maybe it's just cuz i'm not getting any but still.. I wasn't before either and i still considered myself to be quite jovial. Hmm. We have our last new guy. ANdre the canadian... I'm thinking he's a bit ADHD which is cute and funny and sometimes annoying. I am an accepting person.. but my only qualm with folks like this.. do you know when to stop kidding. I love to play but if something serious was going on i'd catch on quick and act appropriately. I have this wierd dream that a disasterous monster is on the rampage and i run home to tell people to pack shit quick and get in the car and they waste valuable time asking me if i'm B>S> .. if i was... nice b.s. but what if i'm not? Then we're all screwed. Personally i think if that ever happens i'll run off on my own.. i've seen way to many godzilla movies ... i know this.. man!

CLB Finally got moved into her own place at long last. But our land lady troubles are just beginnig to get unreal! She speaks ZERO english and i speak negative -5 Korean.. but she won't digress.. won't leave me alone... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. what's a chick to do

We met a new chocalate face downtown today. Yes i almost got hit by a taxi tryna check him out. And for those who know me knows how this goes.. i wanted to hand him my personal card and offer him my services.. i know i said i retired.. but i still do free lance work. Gamma Alpha Psi till I die baby!