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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Check this out

This is an excerpt from a blog written By JARRETT TERRILL on NOV. 13, 2008 .
It's called :
Amendment 2 not a ‘Black Thing’
Media quick to place blame unfairly on minorities
Election Night was wonderful for me – mostly because I did not learn about the passing of Amendment 2 until the following morning. I’m just explaining my deflation factor on November 5th when CNN announced that Amendment 2 had passed in Florida, Proposition 8 had passed in California and it was all because of “black voters newly registered by the Obama campaign.” The evidence for this harsh accusation was CNN’s own exit polls…which revealed that 65% of black voters had voted “Yes” on Amendment 2. I felt so betrayed – mostly by all the black voters that I had been registering and giving encouragement to over the last 3 months. How could this happen? Did they not listen to Barack’s message of diversity and acceptance? I quickly sobered from my disillusionment when I took a closer look at these exit polls and realized that not only CNN, but Fox, MSNBC and CBS were all basically lying to us in a concentrated effort to blame the anti-gay amendments on the black community. Do the math: CNN says that 4,755,000 people voted "Yes" on Amendment 2, and they say that 71% of Blacks voted "Yes" on the Amendment. But black voters make up only 11% of the electorate—approximately 523,000 people in this election—and 71% of them voting “yes” means you get a whopping 371,000 people. That’s 8% of the total 4.75 million “yes” votes. That paints a much different picture, doesn’t it?
So, at the end of the day, we need to place blame squarely where it’s due – back on the white, rural, Christian conservative Republicans over the age of 40, whose tyranny put this measure on the ballot to begin with. Do not let the media conquer us with division…even if the lowest blows come from that sexy little silver-haired newscaster we all admire so much. There is a subtle conspiracy between the media and its Republican advertisers to absolve themselves of responsibility when things get out of hand. A constitutional amendment that specifically targets gays and lesbians is definitely out of hand, and it’s right out of the Jim Crow playbook – Disenfranchisement For Dummies. Governor Charlie Crist supported Amendment 2 and needs to be chastised as well. We have a new President whom, thanks to a majority of Florida voters, disagrees with our Governor on Amendment 2. As we work to reverse this hateful act of discrimination (by whatever means necessary) we must always keep in mind that almost 3 million concerned Floridians said “No” to Amendment 2 and meant it. My new campaign motto is “Yes We Did… and we’ll keep doing it too!”

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Wish You're My Girl

내 삶이 어두운 그 외롭던 날들에 익숙해질때 그대 다가와 손 잡을것 같아 설레이는 난

Wish You're My Girl
모든것이 멈춰 버린 줄 알았죠 꿈이라면 깨지 않기를 바래요 손끝하나 움직일 수 없는 이 기분 숨이 막힐 것 같은걸요 그 언젠가 내 삶이 어두운 그 외롭던 날들에 익숙해질때 그대 다가와 손 잡을 것 같아 설레이는 난
Wish You're My Girl
모르겠죠 지친 어제의 표정을 이 아침엔 여린 미소로 바꾸고 변해가죠 그대와 함께 할 날들로 만들고 싶은 이 내마음을 나 언젠가 이제는 그대의 곁에 있는 순간을 바보처럼 놓치는 일은 다신 없을거라 다짐해도
Wish You're My Girl
Wish you're My Girl. You are My kind. Wish you're My Girl. Wanna be placed In your Heart. Wish you're My~ Wish you're My Girl.
내 삶이 어두운 그 외롭던 날들에 익숙해 질때 그대 다가와 손 잡을것 같아 설레이는 난 Wish you're My Girl~ 그대의 곁에 있는 순간을 바보처럼 놓치는 일은 다신 없을거라 다짐해도 Wish You're My Girl 그뿐이죠~
Wish You're My Girl You are My kind. Wish you're My Girl. I Just Wanna be placed In your Heart.
Wish you're My~You are My kind. Wish you're My Girl.