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Friday, May 30, 2008

UPS OOOPPS....Never Too Far Away!

I'M BACK! But OMG what a crazy couple of days it's been.. Last time we left off after partying at an ATL style Noraebang and drinking yogurt Sojo- just like candy! We went back the next day at 4pm to pick up our visa.... trouble ensued when the clerk say" we no have" .... after picking myself up off the floor I found that they mailed our passports home already... so we stayed overnight for no reason.. Folks i never take anything for granted- I wanted my passport in my grubby lil hands ! so we all took a trip to the UPS drop pff to tried to beat the UpS man to our mail...


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ease on down the road

Today we traveled to atlanta in search of a e-2 visa stamp.. with fingers crossed, head held high... My trip frustration beging in ATL traffic- I hate it! I smoke complusively and pray continuously while driving. But at last we made it to the down town area. The consulate wasn't easy to see so we call for directions:
We were tld to ask someone else! We got a good laugh outta that and promptly found our way to the interbational parking deck.The office is ten floors up and thru this aisle tube.
This is the veiw of the city from the aisle tube.. helllooo down there ATL- AWhat's Happening- I'm Going to Korea B******!!!
After we went into the office filled out some hasty paper work- we both met with the Consulate who was tired but cordial...a get right to it kinda guy= gotta love that!

BAM! We got thru the 10 minute interveiw with flying colors.. which colors you ask?
ATL is full of cool stuff to take pictures by. Tomarrow we come back to pick up our readied visas!!

To celebrate we went to went to KIMCHI HOUSE- all you can eat bi bim bap and pork under belly. Also: our server was a cutie patootie guessed it YEONGJU! We exchanged email.. never forget to work the networking..