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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Buseoksa Temple- Floating STone

After the Love is gone

Like my frat Earth Wind and Fire sing: "Somethin' happened along the way...what used to be happy was sad....Somethin' happened along the way.....and yesterday was all we had....And oh after the love has gone"
The fire of our office spirirt that burned brightly has since extinguished. Yes we talked and yes i cried, and yes there was an assurance that the atrocities wouldn't continue to happen and the was even a promis for a better days. But I know this... Things will never go back to being the same. Not really.. now genuine love care and affection is going to be replaced with careful indifference, feined interest ,and quiet sulking. Because I don't want to beleive in someone and let them hurt me twice and they ,i'm sure, fear the wrath and two women mistreated and scorned. I don't blame them for their caution , but no one can blame me for mine.

Again my recruiter has been miraculously helpful and prompt, but i still don't know wether to stay of go. I must talk to administretion next week. Hey if anybody knows of any job openings that would blow me outta the waters... lay them on me!

To lift my spirits there's a new guy on the horizon that seems to have some damn sense and to be quite caring and attentive..DID SOME ONE SAY ATTENTION???? ATTN HO STRIKES AGAIN..

For your veiwing pleasure here are some pictures of the marvelous festival that my school did want to know about. Coming soon are picture i took with the mayor!!!