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Friday, June 20, 2008


acute tonsilitus

Offiical Korean Name

Hello My Name Is Na-Rae...
"나래" originally meaning of "날게"
My name is an old style korean
name which is said to be of a beautiful but archaic language.
It means (Wings).

It Makes Me Ill

I love my kids.. they drive me up the wall but today i showed up ciably sick and they were to kind.. aalmost scary.

It' s friday and play day anyways.. but they saw my agony and told me to have a seat.. got me hot green tea.. took role... turned on my overhead and played hangman.. semi quietly. They even drew a picture of me that said ANDREA TEACHER #1! They also ask about brandon teacher.. i told them he was gone forever.... The guys gave me a high fiver.. Andrea Teacher VERYVERY GOOD TEACHER! My heart` warmed....

The girls usually have to opolice the boys b/c they know that their friday game day is in jepordy of if they give me too many problems. But today.. the boys policed themselves! I griped yesterday about the candy wrappers they left in the class after i gave them suckers. So i opted to not give out candy today. But one particular menace to class instruction volenteer for the first hang man. He went to the board ( after googling the english version of his words) and did a two word phrase.. wow i can't even get them to spell words over 5 letters. To my suruprise his phrase was "CANDY PLEASE!" OMG how cute! how could I resist. Here take two candies and let Andrea teacher take a nap! WINK!

I'm officially sick. Dunno how it happened.. maybe from not sleeping well. Maybe from 2 weeks of loud talking and lots of repetition or singing the who stole the cookie game. Mayhaps from drinking and singing loud karaoke till midnight. maybe it was the shock that my new friend lucy is putting on me with gym 5 times a week. 30 min walk... cardio.. weight.. crunches. then one hour in the pool doing laps.... then 30 min walk.. i'm soooo tired. But with any luck i'll feel stronger soon and better even sooner. I finally got my settle ment cashh.. which quickly went to buy some decent gym shoes. I went just to the gym's sauna today. wierd thing about the gym.. you must be nakid!. You must shower nude before pool and sit in sauna in the bday suit.

For those who know my fasination with meeting the owner of say a club, bar, or restaurant.. well i had my first totally ununderstandable convo with the korean owner of the gym. Although the convo was sketchy I did get a few things.. like she's fro m punggi.. a small neighbor to yeongju and that she went to seoul university where she mad straight A's for 3 years. Go You! She asked me about teaching her english becasue my " face is very beautiful" .. ATTNHO TIME BABY YEAH OYB! and my breast very very big.. whoa... what' that gotta do with english? SO yeah it was kinda uncomfy having a convo in the buff and then have it be 2 separate languages.. and then reference my womanly parts..

On top of this i'm just not feeling well.. She was very nice though.. offered me some expensive hair products and helped me scrub away dead skin cells.. wow. that's what friends are for! She gave me her card later on and asked if i was a god teacher and how much i make as a teacher.. i gave the sign for so so and said "enough".. i don't wanna be deported Does free gym time count as payment?

i go to the doctore in andong tommarrow to get a physical.. and maybe something for my awful sore throat.. trouble comes in 3's.. lost ring, slip and twisted ankle and then sorethroat so maybe it's over..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


ANDREA TEACHER- has been implewmenting some more authoritative methods in the classroom. Nice teach who we can walk all over is gone! Teacher that makes us exercise when we speak Korean is in! I know the kids like me.. countless high fives and thumbs up tell me so.. but they still feel like i'm their friend and therefore crossable.. this is not so. also the class levels have been determined and`my lessons have gotten harder. i don't let up at all.. ill wait for ever for a verbal answer.. As a result of all these changes the class has become more animated and difficult fo me.. ALL THE BETTER. i must make class fun reinforce previous lessons, test for memorization, asses disciplinary problems, bring the quiet child out of his or her shel and empathize with the adhd child. it's a circus- and they are growing in to little hams! And i love it!

ONe chils ased my if my new meanness (teacher mean!) was due to the weather.. it's been rainy today and slow and melancholoy.. so it's possible.. i'm human. On my way out of school I slipped a fell down some stairs in front of all the other teachers-- complete wipe out.. Man it hurts- i came home to my us stash of meds and got to poppin'. It was very nice of them all to hail me a cabbie so i wouldn't have to walk.. they really are a grand group of folks! i may never leave..what now feels like home!

I scraped up my lega bruised my hip and twisted my ankle.. but i still gotta make it to the gym tonight. All in a days work for andrea teacher.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Let's get right to it.
No leading you through my day although we did get a new teacher and I found a global ATM and a 1 dollar store. It matters not.

Cuz at the end of the day...

that SOB Psychopath from next door- yes BRANDON TEACHER- decided to try to BREAK into my ROOM while I was at WORK!

When i got home my key woouldn't work in the door! At closer inspection I found that it has all types of scrapes and scrathed and it was stripped! ON top of that it was filled to the brim with SUPERGLUE! Folks this is why we now must go through a long and involved visa process- to weed out the WIERDOS like Brandon. I just thank my lucky stars that he is audio 5000.

I ran upstairs to friends apartment and she translated to the land lady. At this point i was feeling ALL of the helpless female bit and began to bawl like somebody's bad ass child! Sniffling, sobbing, snotting- the works! ONLY the majority of my tears were becasue i knew I couldn't physically whoop his AZZ.. becasue finally someone gave me a good reason.

He's in Seoul right now pawning his wierdness off on some
unexpecting korean youngster! .They had to call the lock smith for and ASAP to RIP THE FREAKING LOCK OFF! And then replace it. I'm glad to see they had a had timr trying to fix the lock ..that meant he couldn't get in..thus the frivolous scraping marks.. so he resorted to superglue.

All in all the land lady now believes it's her job to protect me- i now have a Korean mama! I told her he was crazy and she looked at me like i told you so... and smiled. The new locks were in in 5 minutes at the low price of ten bucks.

My positive energy restored when i checked everything in my room . It's all good! It about to start raining so i invited myself to spend the night with the beautiful couple - because i'm scared of bad weather! It's gonna be a great opprotunity to bond on their last days here and to talk trash about brandon teacher just like he always thought we did anyways.. well now we are B we are!

I take comfort in the fact that I know his full name and SSN and incidentally his banking number b/c of all the bitching he did in the office in front of everyone.. And hmm he just got paid today.. OYB

Let's Tally shall we?

Being your friend for 5 days- 500
Putting up with crazy convo - 150
Pain and Suffering- -f--------free i'm unsed to it
Pissing me off-5 million 700 zillion 400 hundred thousand 37 dollars and eleventy two cents!
Revenge------------------ Pricless


Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Don't Know What You Come To Do!- Lets' Have a HOUSEPARTY!

So I slept all day saturday because of all the noise last night. In the afternoon.. to lovely phillipina ladies from school surprised me at home! They helped me with my rice cooking skill washing clothes, vaccuming floor scrubing this... they have a standing invite to come over anytime!!!!! While visiting the also stopped to say hi to brandon teacher...and invited him to the store. On our ease on down the steps of the building the landlady caught up to all of us and demanded to know what the piss was going on last night with all the bumping. The ladies took over and explained that it wasn't me... it was HIM! I swear to Goshness that the land lady said it figures..he's crazy! And also that "he's leaving monday right?.. make sure he gives me my money!" Wow .. I have a new found respect for my landlady.. she is hot to death! In his defense Brandon came up with a lame and cryptic excuse for the 4 hours of noise... IT WAS A MONSTER.. Holy smokes.. what has Anreda teacher gotten herself into? This guy is starek raving mad. . to top it off while we were all together.. he keeps mumbling about` kilinmg people, can't trust the enemy, people go postal at work all the time, he also said to me (very coldly) if i hear anything about this at work on monday it's going to be bad- i'm taking some people out.

I don't know about you.. but at somepoint you've gotta drop the nice teacher act and get real. This MF was threatening me over some BS that he caused. I immediately started choosing a good strong korean brick to take to school with me Monday.. Come Hard Bytch. I Come Harder!!

LOL he disappered and we enjoyed dinner/lunch. A big groupof Waygooks strolled by and invited me to a bon fire... then house party.. then club yeongJu.. Oh yeah.. I went home to get ready and fell a sleep so i missed the bon fire. But Michael teacher came and got me for the house party... I picked up a liter bottle of cola and one bottle of soju.. cost $2 bucks.. i'm in trouble ya'll!!!

Party is only a couple of blocks away. The house belongs to 4 esl hagwon folks. The apartment on the 9th floor of a 15 story building with shisty elevator and busted floors. The arpartment had been made over. Simple and chic.. running lights and along balcony outside with a dj table !. ABout 20 peopl showed up and drank and danced the night away. Such aplethoraof nationalites. korean, african, maudi, swedish, european, canadian, phillipinas, 1/2 mexican. oh it was beautiful.. we all drink together and feel allright..

and i found RAY RAY the only other spot of chocolate in Yeongju. a pimp soul extrodinaire at heart! He was so fun and sweet and my dance partner until his back went too? T

Jervonie is a hilarious guy from englad that went to jeju ove island and told me all about it in such detail that we got alotta looks.. 69.. anal.. oh diggystyle.. he even had supporting pix on him camera phone. woooow..

Ben- a quiet mousy guy with strong lines and facal features.. he looks cool to the touch and reminds me of chris. You can feel his eyes on you but you cannot tell what he's thinking.

aussie guy- sweat profusely but is hella funny and appreciates, bootys, greens, hot sauce, grits, back roads of EUFAULA and everything. The Attn HO in mebows to his Attn Ho.

Canadian chickie- was dressed as a korean they have a differnet the us 80's style is just getting hot here! SHE taught me how to make a real soju drink and for that i'll ever be greatful

xx/xy- No one was sure b/c of short hair wether she was male o female.She's actually a cool chick. She recently cut her hair- claiming is was b/c it was hot and she works and lives he life out doors camping and creating field guides with a wild life conservation team. See Wow Cool chickie. She confided in me that she doesn't drink and that her cup is secretly and continually filled with.. grape juice or apple juice.. so no one make s a fuss or tryies to gether to drink. she's 24 and been in yeongju 1 day less than me..but alrady she found the riverand beach.. YES Yeongju has both but damn if i know where! I'll askher to show me one day..soon

There are 4 bedrooms one bathroom an open kitchen.. a med living room and balcony.. all funrnished with things people throw away.. I mean nice things.. matching chairs and tables.. clean rugs. curtains.. framed pictures. wow. Korea is a pack rats haven!!!
I enjoyed my self. Next thing you know it's 1am and it's time for a quick change and to hop a taxi to Yeongju club!!!!!

It took 4 taxis flags down at the same time.. OH SWEET PATRONUS HOW I LOVE TRAVELING WITH A ENTOURAGE..INSERT FOAM HERE BABY! We got out at a sweet looking spot and got immediately ushered inside like VIP..or VIW..very important waygooks.

You pay about 10 bucks per perdon for one beer and a plate of snax and entry.. .. so they pimped 200 bucks off our group from the jump. Not bad considering.. but we are all used to everything being 2 bucks in korea. We drank and ate and then hit thedance floor. Te club itself is like a big nice restaurant..with a dancefloor at the front in front of the stage. A hip hop korean dj's all night.. and talks through the songs.. sometimes singing hos fav parts... at leats they played some american booty music.. but they played the same son over and over.. and he spoke through it in korean like:

she had them apple bottom jeans " yeah yall ready to party?" boots with the " oh yeah we gonna do it good for ya" Fur... had the whole " Club" looking at " yeah" her... She hit the " you like that shyt don't cha Bytch!" floor act like you know" Ah yeah" shorty got_- switch songs aburptly...

Crazy.. but the club was clean well a/conditioned. It had expensive little light shows that are builtinto the ceiling.. you had to order your drink at the not rushed the bartender ..Oy yeah.. either u sit down or you dance.. no other options.. I choose to dance

All the Koreans have half assed memorized the dances to the songs. Or made some up.. they are the equivolent to a watereed doen party hope with fancy foot switching. You can see the intensity on the faces of the people who are struggling not to mess up a dance step! I knew a few.. sumperman, cha cha slide, cupid shiuffle, ,..but i love to dance freestyle.. and as soon as they played my song. i was ff in my own world by the stage shaking was vela broke me off with when I am attacked by several Korean girls and guys trying to get on it.. show dance...what? not no show.. you just make it up see.. freestyle .. the gyrls mimick well and the guys go crazy.. Wow.. am i the first perosn to ever booty dance in the club. They played some house music so i went back to my seat to drink and converse... everyone was so toasted. I watched the cnadians and american guys try to hook up with some korean girls. SO funny..not lame just interesting to watch becasue it was working. My Flame powers are of no use here.. i sigh and decide it's ime to go home. NOPE at that moment the korean dude found me and wrenche dmy from my seat.. oh you gon' dance ho.. you gon' dance.. He wanted to show his friends.. I'm like okay. I followed him to the dance floor and proceeded to get workout out!.. I could nmot catch a break which makes me think hmmm but nahhhhh... LOL I crawl away from the floor......3 minutes later--- i'm found out " You DANCE GOOD- (thumbs up)... and i did.. i really did..

Back again to my table a new korean guy.. perhaps a bit older strikes up a drunk convo with me in Korean.. I'm like what.. he talks more enthusiatically.. holds my hand touches my face.. Huh? My friend hat understand korean abit says he's hitting me. I got that part but what did he say..I'm an attention whore I gotta knwo these things. He like your curviture...WTF? Oh the bobs huh? Yeah. Cool.. Tell him not to taouch me though that's wierd. They tell him but he does not stop. Then a native guys explains to me that for a korean guy to hit on an all too terrorfying black woman takes some balls.. b/c A. no way in hell he could please you- thus invoke your wrath (i laugh- and agree) B. he can't speak ur language- amen and C. Other koreans look down on that so he' really taking a chance.. oh? YES! Are you shooting down this brave Korean ma n Andrea Teacher? He at least deserves a ribbon for participation. RAY RAY comes to my rescue. And it's time to go! I catch a cab and even though i'm drunk i run into my apt quietly and lock up incase brandon is lurking... i settle into bed and start to fall asleep...and then BUMP! *&^*%(%_%$$%*&^^%#%$@* Good Nite!