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Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's not Right But it's okay

Korea has been mean and ugly to me at times...But also it's been sweet and gentle... We have a LOVE / HATE relationship that rivals Ike and Tina's .. I just hope our Relationship survives times test of trial and tribulations, fears, doubts, and extrema frustration, etc. Because I really feel like we have a lot to learn from each other. In a way this trip has saved me from becoming someone I've never envisioned being and I've got to be grateful. I know of nothing that has happened without it's reasoning and purpose. So i am trying to remain calmly satisfied with me and mildly satisfied with this situation. I'm optimistic that every will be OK in the end.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scrapping Plans for THAILAND

Yesterday i named some of the new batch of 3rd grade children that came to my class. I let them all choose names from a long list of names I compiled. I realized I named every one from back home, Clif Vanessa,regina, terrence, joey, eric, Michael and Janet jackson, quinten, jt aj.. kanika anitra, landon, vela, donna, betsy, brandon, tj taj, taryll.. on and on the kids picked out names. I now have a Michael, janet, jackson,Courtney, and Kanika. more to come today....

Also yesterday was my best Boo Quinten's Bday..We've shared a lot of "firsts" together but yesterday the first b-day in 5 years he's spent with out me and and my ubber crazy antics.... and he's sad and he misses me... andI'm sad and I miss im so much I want to go home to cheer him up. It's so badthat I'm considering not going to Thailand and instead heading back to the states. What on earth could make me feel this compulsively ...nothing less than the need to quench my thirst of unrequited LOVE! Quinten is the kind of guy that doesn't say much, doesn't start mess, and at the same time doesnm't F*ck around when it comes to kickin' azz! A gentle spirit, but a firery soul. I've been absolutely smitten with him ever since the day I've met him and so has everyone else that knows him. He could have his pick.. and I'm glad he chose to be one the best friend's in the world to me. So Q.T.B. If you ever read this: Happy Bday , I Love You, and I'll see you soon!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

SAY A Little Prayer For You!

Myself and Edwin!
Edwin,Reden, Me,Mayen ( BDAY GIRL!), David, Amy?, (Emerson aka Romeo), & Felicia, Alex

After an Awesome Slumber Party I was plesantly surprised by Breakfast! Haven't had it so good since I've been in Korea!! For the Girl who Love to SMILE!
The Crazy cats from Daegu Emerson Alex, Edwin and Joey
Traditional Philippine food for Mayen's B-Day Party

Earlier that day we went to PUNGGI to pick grapes at VIVIAN's grape farm.

Viv- hard at work selling grapes!

Happy Chuseok!!

Drinking with the GANG.....

The River were I spent all of chuseok.......
This is My slightly drunken sad face: it is a reminder to all those who always want what they can't have....
I always wanted to be a CHEERLEADER! I'm more flexible than ever! wonder why.....!?!?!?!??
LUCY came back into town for Chuseok, together we made tradition Chuseok rice cakes called sampeyon So much fun to create wierd shapes....

Steaming my rice cakes with Lucy's mom.
My finished designs
A nasty delight.. #12 dish from Jeju Raw fish restaurant & hof... ughhh
Drunken PE teacher from school who claims to be a seasoned drinker.. 3 cups or 3 bottles!