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Friday, September 5, 2008

American Boys

Gotta Love Them........
because I'm really starting to dislike the Korean ones.
If you are a plus sized beauty then this post might be helpful to you. I know as a big girl in the state thinking of embarking my ass in to tiny women Korean Land .. I was hella worried about what the reactions to me would be like. No one had ever bothered to say.. I couldn't pschye myself out enough to believe that there are no fat korean ( b/c sumo wrestlers right?) or that there aren't any overweight people in the small and rural town I was coming too .. they've got TV right?

None the less upon arriving I was swamped with dirty stares, pointing fingers, crying babies, people asking for autographs, asking for sexual favors, and giving me 2 dollar discounts everywhere I went.... I stopped traffic.. so attention whore like me are used to it right...??? WRONG! There's no getting used to not knowing wether the person smiling at you wants to "Love You" or to cut your ass up with some chop sticks!!!

Obviously TV has not prepared them for my big black coming on to their smaill asian streets!!

This leads me bac to my tirade about.. you guessed it.. dudes.. They love me.. hands down ..
some of them might actually be able to "love me long time'.. But that doens't matter folks.. because I'll never get the chance to find out.. currently they are all running scared for their lives! Afraid i'll turn them black, or worse into a real man! Maybe mind blowing nookie is the stuffs crack is made of ..

Honestly I've always been the type of girl who appreciates a slightly effeminate guy. So korean men with their girlish charms, man- purses, eye make-up, and macho attitudes are the perfect mix for me. Even though Add that to the fact that there are millions of them who are single because their culture prefers boys ( inorder to carry on the family name) and have put themselves in a woman shortage. Again I feel like I'm getting punk'd!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Around The Way

Mad World

Me in my Skin Tights.. feeling Hella Sexy!
Nuff Said
John Got a speeding ticket for driving with out a helment
If you bring your doggy to the shopping center you can leave it in the box marked "deposit your small furry animal here.. so it can bark at everyone that passes by and spazed it'self out!"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

DAEGU- Doin' It big

Brandon and I spent a day and night in Daegu with my friend and awesome noraebang partner John. This city is mostly filled with college kids. reminds me of home .. good ole T.R.O.Y. !! So we got a love motel to stay in. Now I know and you know all the horroric fantastic and titilating stories about what goes on in love motel.. I found it to be a pleasant experience. it was clean , cheap, even comfy. I wasn't at all freaked out by the hooker cards that are laying outside the front door detailing the wares one could find inside. I just thought to myself that for a place to be so sexually repressed.. it is very casual about the tpoic of affairs and prostitution.. hey all in good fun right?

Love Cards
This is a vending machine with sex toysin inside ranging in price from 10000-20000 r\krw.My secret is out.. I am an ONION LOVER.. but I haven't got anything on the Korean people. I rmembered reading a blog about stampedes to fill up containers and contaners full of free onions... but it wasn't until i was physiclaly wrenched away from the onion machine,by a couple who was looking to score a crap ;load of onions, that i truly understood that no man woman or child should get in between them and the ONIONS.
Before you go to a club and start drinking like a fish make sure that they have western toliets or you'll be in a mess. It's hard to squat aim and not touch anything or let ANYTHING touch you ..while Tipsy/or 151 sheets to the wind.
Today I shared an icecream cake witrh my fellow teacher teacher co workers.. Nothing says I love you like Icecream cake..
I have a korean friend that used to DJ.. he suggested this Club!
A cute face and a quick catch on to my fav game PHASE 10.. This is Nathan.. who has so graciously offered to be my brand new Noraebang Buddy.. little does he know that i've also discovered DVD bang-- we'll see how well he does in classes this semester.

Club Called Hoochie Coochie


Upon my weekend trip to Seoul by way of Itaewon. I met this crazy cool guy named Michael and he's from.. you guessed it Sweet Homw Alabama. Alas another person with the accent that makes my heart remember home. We talked about music, BBQ's, the differences between the SOuth and Korea and determined that things are crazy in bothg places.. our common denominator is out love of WATER MELON BEER AND CHICKEN!. THIS IS HIS TAT.
cLUB pHOTO....
Thsi is one of Brandon's last night ion Yeongju... I'm sure it was fun but I don't remmber anything after hiting the bottom of the bacardi 151.... thanks for taking care of me B!
Those quiet moments spent snoozing on the long azz bus trips and sharing and MP3 player... Princeless....

Sunday, August 31, 2008