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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Contracts and etc

I had deja vu today! I saw the light at the end of the contract.
In addition to what you already know if you are really half assed interested in setting foot in a new world like korea ..

1.Recuriters need $$ too.. so they might have to lie to you- do u blame them?
2. conracts aren't ste in stone really; but if ur school breaches it badly there are alternatives
3. contracts are usua for one year- cna be more of less.

You and ad for a job like this one:

13 Public School Positions (Seoul, Jecheon, Chungju)!!!
lots of positions.. hmm high turn over? google the city population and things t do there. if it comes up short its a small town.. so be prepared for country and learnig korean

Working Conditions: 22-30 teaching hours/week,
ok so work is form 8:30- 5:30 that's 9 hours
one hour is free for lunch ( eat at school save some $$$ it's cheap)
so 8 hrs a day x 5 days a week equals 40 hours right?
22-30 teching hours means actual time teaching
i have a contract for 25 per week 100 per month
so i teach 5 classes a day for 45-50 minutes and the other hours are used as planning

if on tuesday i teach my 5 classes and 1 additional due to anothe rteaher getting sick. that's overtime! but rather than oer time.. they will make her take one of my classes later in the week or let me miss teaching a class to avoid overages. Korean are on it!

they will ask u for saturday if it's a special occasion

Right on- it's great money- don't waste it all on beer

Rent-free, single, fully-furnished apt.
yes yes yes-- now how nice it is is questionable. what are u used to? my apt is better than the koprean teachers that are really teachers butiyt's small. koreans are used to small effeicent housing.

Pre-paid Return Airfare Medical + Dental insurance:
hmm notice return airfare. you might have to front the money for the first ticketand they say they will give it back to u in 2 weeks time when u arrive. don't bank on it being that soon i mean just read my posts about alien card and bank. Make sure u got enough money to take care of you incase something comes up. most contracts stipulate they will pay u for ur flight ONLY if you stayed half the time!! so if it sux.. stay 6 months and then leave!! who knows you might get used to it

Bonus on completion of annual contract Pension Plan (which will be refunded when you leave Korea) Tax rate: 3.5-5%

this i true! make sure you getur xtra months pay as a bonus AND half the money u paid into korean pension b4 u go!! it's about athousand bucks after a year!

Qualifications: Native English speaker And A Bachelor's Degree no experience

The job placement process will begin as soon as we receive your resume and photo.
Yes they wanna know what you look like.. I've meet white looking africans. new zelanders that look tai. laotians with good azz tans and i'm from USA and i am a black gyrl with blue eyes and no blonde hair- GO FIGURE. it's hard to tell if u'll look good onstaff with out a pic.. so find a nice one man! the new visa getting process has dried up the pool of esl wanna be's so i belaieve they will be much more lienent in the coming days.. no movie stars needed!

Personal opinion as always - Koreans are a bit superficial, in the case with my school the folks they have now are super and know what they are doing- but their novelty has woren off! it's a one yer thing for a reason -move around spread thelove- there's money to make and things to see and do else where people to run into !

I hope this helps. ask me a questiona and i'll do my best ya'll

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