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Friday, June 13, 2008

More Crazy than a little bit!

2 days ago we began to toss around the idea of having brandon a going away dinner. SInce i am the one only who Brandon teacher deems worthy of conversation they look to me for guidance in schduling something and whatever do i think he would like. One teacher even made the statment that " if you have question about brandon teacher's schedule (haha) ask Andrea teacher. I was not thrown off- i expected the most people thought we hada lil officve romance going on.. not so much....

Today was the dissonant Brandon teacher's last day at school. It has occured to me that most people are quite glad to see him on his was to happiness and the USA becasue Korea was hard on him and in turn he became a hard ass to deal with. Still our brief friendship lasted days. I bet people put money on how long it would take b4 we spazzed outon each other. .. Today wa sthe day. He continually talks about how the kids are little twerps and he hates them and how everyone working at the school is against him.... so on his last day he makes it clear that he cares for no one! Not man woman or child or Andrea Teacher. He didn't even say good bye tp the kids he's been teaching for months.. 3 months! I taught them how to say good bye to him and everything- one of the kids drew him a going away picture... and he didn't even show up! This earned me sad looks and questions of why no brandon teacher *waves*. I rea;lized that the kid prolly thought he was just funny- it didn't occur to them that he held a grudge against them for being kids and being there! Damn it Brandon Teacher - didn't you know that children love easily- even if you were a mean and awful teacher ( and u were babe- you were) they still cared about you as a person. And you didn't value that love - so shame on you.

Of course no one that invokes the silent wrath of Andrea teacher is safe until I have my heady revenge! SO as soon as I get back to the office I pick up playful banterand say in 15 differnet ways that- you are a dick for hurting my kids feelings. Yes i've only known them a week---but I've only know u a week to and they've got my back! Of course he jumps to the defenses.( I scored one) I reamin calm and parry with a witty comeback that makes the office pay attention to us and laugh ( point two)... he begins to pace and say beligerant things like " can't understand women.. i don't even know you... never talking to you again! He wants to walk out but can not b/c he has to wait and go to his leaving dinner that PS NO ONE wants to attend. I say score to me and a win for Andrea Teacher with 3 to 0.

The dinner went off with him being very quiet and moody and he even left earlier amid puzzle / relieved stared.. The rest of us went out to drink- and fridy drinkery is blisss no matter where you are!

At about 3 AM i hear pounding coming from Brandons apartment.. which wakes me and make sme realize my drunkeness= Damn it Andrea Teache 3 Brandon Techer 1. Loud continuous thumpinggggggggggggggg.. more's actaully vibrating the bed. WTF!!!!! I wonder if he's hurt? Dying, choking, lying on the floor next door taking his last breaths and trying to signal for help? (shoildna pissed me off and definatly shouldna ate that salt-hehe) NO Clue what he's doing.. after a while my door bell ring and the knocking stops abruptly... h,mmmm i think.... he can't ing my bell and thump at the same time. I open thedoor to the land lady and husband..ahh so the thumping has woken up people on the floor above us.. wow I quick rat him out. 4-1.... much better.. the thumping has stopped but has turned into louder tv volume. running water, opening doors andmoveing things around in theroom.. oh well wehen i find out what was really goin on.. i'l get back to ya....

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