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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am so calm when i wake up in the morning these days. Aside from being around the world away from all that i knew... i'm less stressed. The missing tecaher came back today so i had only a few classes. I think i'll devote the weekend to coming up with better ways of getting my point across in class. The technology in these class rooms makes for boundless outlets an dopprotunity. I feel like i'm cheating these kids out of the full disney experience by giving out a color by number work sheet. I realize they know the basic already. But stringing together unrelearsed sentences gains you a BIG X with the hands. Oh Nawl Teacher.. Nawl Nawl. I had some special needs children come in today. They are so adorable and I had a fun time with them. It strengthens my resolve that i was destined to be a special needs teacher.. my heart reaches out for them. I'm more comfortable in a fulll fledge fit of Autism than say at an expensive dinner with you know who!

Cuteness.. i'm finally getting somereally hard to control/ teach classes. But mixed in the bunch are the caring, quiet, attentive students that make your job sooo worthwhile. One studnet drew a picture of a room with a painting that said I love Andrea Teacher. I almost died.

At work before lunch a sick bird walked into the building. People were running scared everywhere. I was like-- it's not even flying it's walking calmyl- just chillin'. Maybe korean birds are cool like that? No Andrea Teacher- bird is sick! Maybe it has the flu... Oh...... The Flu.. AI is alive and well so i took my behinny to lunch and didn't mess with mr. birdie like i would usually do.
On my way to get my nails done i was stopped by a lady in the street who wanted to be my friend. Maybe hang out on weekends. Lotsa question: do i like korea, how long have i been here. eye color (hehe).. I don't have a phone but i gave her my email.

I finally made it to the Nail shop! BY myself! GO ME GO ME!.. I got the best grade A number 1 manicure.. for 20 bucks. My nails never looked so right. Korea this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

I took a taxi- again on my own back home. As soon as i stepped outta the taxi i met another lady who's englisgh was much better who also wanted to be friends. She, too, had questions.. thins is kinda cool. She gave me a little stuff character as a gift! WOW my USA Mojo is stronger than Kat Williams Pimp Hand! I recall last night walking by a window where all korean eyes were on me.. I stopped smiled and waved and everybody jumped up and ran out the door to shake hands and make introductions. I've always had an inviting personality .. so its cool with me.. oh yeah scroll up to the top Attn Ho!

It seems that mostof the waygooks- foriegners just stick together or with the person they came here with. But i want to have Korean friends.. I want to get the invite dto meet mom.. i want to crush on a korean guy. I want the experience and conversations and odd moments that lFULLY living in korea would give me. That's why i wasn't interested in a big city like seoul. The say the crime level hereis zero and the cops don't even have guns.. I feel comfy in my small town.. But seoul.. i feel like i might get bushwacked. Yesterday i left a tip on 3 bucks on the table and the waitress ran me down to give me back the money i "lost". Wow - only in Korea.