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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

no time

i cried at school this morning. it was silly juvy, and over quickly . The kids were really good today-even the bad ones make the day rush by! i'm so busy from i haven't even turned on the t.v. since i've been here. i taught 3 classes today with litele to no preparation. It seems i'm well liked due to my smile (insert laugh- thanks dad). i have a dinner with all the big bosses tomarrow night.. ijust hope it tastes good.It feels like time has sped up and i trying catch up. of course i'm half a day fast anyways.

TONIGHT i got invite along with the beautiful couple to a buffet style dinner. Seriously korean wome go above the rim. this lady works at my school and is in like with me i know. She fed up 17 differnt types of food, watermelon, fish, chicken, rice, bean, pear, rice cake, soup, broth, kimchie, salad, little anchovies, yam, gelato spicy stuff, creamy salty stuffs, .. on an on.. i almost threw up b/c they told me it was an insult to not finish the big ass bowl of rice. you could've told me thatbefore i drank half a bottle of soju. Luckily they were just kidding. This couple lives on the 14th floor of an apartment building. theres so many folks in Yeongju- how can it be considered small?

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msnpieceofmyheart said...

I'm so proud of you! You are really growing as a person.