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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Of all the BS de la Korea that I'm tired of...

I'm so tired of the people who hold any kinda of position of authority being an absolute scaredy cat panty waste, who makes decisions that benefit no one and accomplish jack. I'm tired of being screwed over by the guys that barely have the title that they are tryna lord over and smite you down with. What the piss man? So another principal comes into the camp and everyone believe him to be genuinely kosher.. but as always, I have my doubts. He 's a man, he's koream, and he's old.. he's prolly a dirty bird bastard!

Any how he's tryna jip me outta 2 weeks of vactaion time. This time is
owed to me becasue i didn't go home for 2 weeks in between my renewal. I was supposed to be able to just take the time offthis winter.. where we all know there is not shit to do at school but look at the walls.

ARGH.. if I don't get the time.. i'm simply gonna leave mid contract which is Dec 8. Plenty of time to go home and find a boo before christmas. Maybe get married to my childhood sweetheart (wink). Make up some lost time with friends and family. And enjoy being an american whilst all the haters continue in there adoration of.... Shit I welcome contracting swine flu so long as it's on US soil..