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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Things to do in thailand
Floating market
ake a Taxi to Southern (route) Bus Terminal (about 25 km from Bangkok city center, cost $110-$160 B). Take Bus #78, $64 B. The trip takes about 2 hours. Get off at Damnern Saduak. Do not get suck in by the boat tour operator at the bus station. They want "Standard" price of $1000 B for one hour long tail boat tour. Instead, walk outside the parking lot and turn left to town. A short 10 - 15 minutes walk and you will arrive at the bridge over looking the floating market. You can then hire a non-motor boat tour for $100 - $200 B at the floating market.
· Directions: About 2 hours by bus outside Bangkok city center
· Other Contact:

The Chao Pharaya River

The Chao Pharaya River plays many roles in Thai life and in fact it is regarded as the principle artery of the nation! Much of Thai history can be traced along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. As it flows, the river carries with it the history and culture of the country. You can take the boar ride/service which takes you to all the 9 piers providing access to Bangkok's most famous attractions. Like the Rattanakosin Island Historic Area which was settled during the Thonburi and Rattanakosin eras. Old temples, palaecs and communities along the river banks tells us the livelihood of the poeple and had led to the birth of civilisation.
· Phone: 66 2623 6001-3
· Directions: Take BTS Skytrain and alight at Saphan Taksin Station. Less than 10 minutes walk to The Chao Phraya Tourists Bost service. Operating hours: 0930 to 1500 hrs. Price: 75 baht - One day river pass unlimted ride.
· Website:
· Other Contact: email:

Wat Pho or wat pha= pamling reading!
· Address: Tha Tien Pier, Chao Phraya River, Bangkok
· Directions: The entrance to Wat Pho is on Chetuphon road. Entrance is 20B. It's open every day, opening hours are from 08.00am to 5.00pm, with a break from 12.00pm to 1.00pm.

Grand Palace / Wat Phra Kaew: Emerald Buhda

Open to the public everyday, except during special Royal Ceremonies, from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.Admission Fee: Baht 250, and includes admission to Wat Phra Kaew, The Royal Thai Decorations & Coins Pavilion in the same compound and to Vimanmek Mansion Museum on Ratchawithi Road. Additional Baht 100 for rental personal audio guide in various languages.Visitors are required to dress appropriately. 1. No shorts, tights, mini & short skirts & tight fitting trousers as outer garments.2. No see-through shirts and blouses, culottes or quarter length trousers.3. No sleeveless shirts or vests as outer garments.4. No sandals (without ankle or heel straps).5. All shirt sleeves, whether long or short, can not be rolled up.6. No sweat shirts & pants, wind-cheaters, pajamas and fisherman trousers.
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· Address: Maharaj Pier, Chao Phraya, Bangkok
· Phone: 0 2623 5500
· Directions: How to get there: - BTS Skytrain to Taksin Station. From here take a Chao Phraya River Express boat to Tha Chang Wang Luang Pier. It is a short walk from the pier to the entrance to The Grand Palace public entrance. - Or you can just take a taxi.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
· Address: Mo Chit Station, Bangkok
· Directions: Simply take the Skytrain to the end terminal called Morchit which is exactly where the market is located. Taxi from Chinatown is roughly 150Bt.
· Address: Ratchawongsi Pier, Chao Phraya River Tour, Bangkok
· Directions: To view typical China Town scences straight ahead to Ratchawongsi Road until the intersection of Yaowarat Road.
Patpong- club tiger show
· Theme: Adult Spot
· Directions: You can take a cab there, though traffic can be very slow on weekends evenings. Or u can take the BTS Train to Saladeng Station. You won't miss Patpong, once you are off the train, you can hear the Thai Music. Just Follow the music and the crowd.

Bedsupperclub : lay down and eat a mean then a surprise show
· Address: Sukhumvit Soi 11
· Phone: +66 (0)2 651 3537
· Directions: Take a skytrain to Nana station. Bed is located in Soi 11 you can take motorbike for 10 Baht but anyway it's not so far, walkable.
· Website:

MISS PUKE Thai Traditional Massage Parlor
Miss Puke is located at 410/5 Siam Square, banke Param 1, Pathumwan District, Bangkok (in front of Novotel hotel)
· Phone:
· 662 251 -6591
· Website:
Phone: (02) 6415913, 7508452, 5525463
Tiger Temple
· Phone: 034 531 557
· Website: :
· Other Contact:
Butterfly Garden
Located in the south of the island, Na Tian Butterfly Garden is a kaleidoscope of colour provided by hundreds of spectacular butterflies.

Na Muang Waterfalls
water is always icy cold, so it's perfect for a hot day. A gentle walk 10 minutes further up the mountain leads you to Samui's most beautiful waterfall, Na Muang 2. Na Muang waterfalls are easily accessible from the main ring road between Nathon and Lamai and are well signposted. Elephant trekking is also available at the Nu Muang waterfalls. Route 4169, Between Nathon and HuaThanon.
River Kwai with Elephant Safari & Bamboo Rafting Tour, This fullday tour includes visit of Saiyok Elephant Camp (near Wang Po) to see elephant show, followed by a 30 minutes of elephant riding and 40 minutes on bamboo rafting along the Kwai Noi River. After lunch at a local restaurant in Wang Po, take a short ride on the original Death Railways passing over a very long wooden viaduct among sheer cliffs. Short stops at the River Kwai Bridge and War Cemetery before travelling back to Bangkok

DestinationTour TypeDurationAvailableTour RatingTrip Grade
: Thailand (Bangkok): Join-In : 07.00 AM - 17.00 PM: M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: : Moderate



Ghost walk buildings
Sawasdee Sea View Pattaya Hotel, Pattaya

Pattaya Fish Spa
Visit and try fish spa, the first fish therapy in Thailand. Letting up to a thousand fish nibble at your feet or hand may initially sound like a crazy idea, but fish therapy, a novel spa treatment that originate with the Garra Rufa or Doctor fish in Turkey and has since gained acceptance in many countries. Fishmania Spa, the unique and fun therapy is now available in Pattaya/Jomtien area located on Phatamnak 4 road (same soi with Asia Hotel).Fun is important, and unlike some spas where there is a sombre atmosphere, when anyone first puts their feet (or hands) in amongst the fish, there is laughter. Within the treatment room, there is a bath (tank) with seating around it, so that up to eight people can enjoy their feet being nibbled by up to a thousand fish at any one time.There are also smaller tanks with fewer fish, suitable for hand or single treatment. The sensation of the nibbling is very pleasant, a cross between being tickled and air being bubbled on your feet. This is the new place and new spa trend that you must try when you in town.

Pattaya Angelwitch

you are looking for some nightlife in Pattaya, you might try the show at Angelwitch (Soi 15 off Walking Street). The show starts at 10 PM every night and is continuous until 1 or 2 AM. There is no cover charge, but drinks are expensive compared to tarriffs in local gogo bars. Basically, Angelwitch features an "R" rated dance and theatrical production with Pattaya's largest cast of attractive ladies in and out of elaborate, sexy costumes. The show is tame enough for a couple on a date, and "adult" enough to captivate jaded stripclub veterans.

Tiffany's Show: Tiffany's Ladyboy Show
Tiffany's Show was an all ladyboy cabaret show. It was very "Vegas" but all the women were actually guys. It is strange because many of them are actually pretty. It was very fun and was actually a very classy event. The show is world famous and worth seeing but it is kind of long. After the show, the ladyboys come outside for pictures.
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· Address: 78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road., Pattaya City, 20260
· Phone: (66) 0-3841~0224-7
· Website:

Calypso Bangkok Entertainment

Calypso Bangkok Entertainment Co.,Ltd. Property Highlight :
17 years ago by now , 1987 , we decided
Calypso Bangkok Entertainment Co.,Ltd. Rates :
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I'm totally in love with this guy... He's funny as hell. And his mannerisms and acting technique is off the charts.. He's gotta be the one!

Yesterday I went to a really snazzy chinese restaurant opening and to the 2nd night opening of a Noraebang in town. It was a wonderful experience. It was chill but it was Andy's "another waygook teacher " s last night in town. I wonder how it's gonna feel when it me leaving town. It seems to be geting hard to see people go. If I stay I'll have to welcom all new faces and the dynamic that i'm so used to will change.. maybe better maybe worse.

Thailand is waiting impatiently for my arrival and I couldn't be happier. It seems unreal. I'm actually an international girl now! I'm considering doing another year in korea and then changing to South American ESL teaching. SOmewhere in between i need to pick up a TOEFL certificate.

The work place is dragging slow but buzzing with a happy tiredness from being woren out, ridden hard, and put up wet!

Valentine's day is around the corner.. have you picked out a candidate for the BIG "V"!!!

I've gotten 11 options and they are all the same.

It'll al get better in time

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

school days

I'm going to THAILAND!

Bitch- I've been Drankin'! Yes a little more than needed.. But life has been upside down side i step on a plane heading east. It's been a rat race of lesson planing. Parties for the kids, parties for the grown up kids and christmas and new years flew by without my permission- mind you. And vactaion time is upon me.

I've started hanging out armed in group think memnatlity. Courtney, Myself, and Jovianna- the new edition to the journey to Korea. Extremely cool chick who's coming to THAILAND as well.

Booking tickets and hotels has been rough but it's becoming obvious that there is a good time to be had in thailand. We're going to be in the BANGKOK area.

Much more to come..pretty soon my year will be over although I'm 95 % sure that i'm going to resign at the same place.. if they wanna keep me.