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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Wow, already I'm starting to become lax in my blogging! See what happens when you become a 'sure thing'? You get forgotten! So I'm outta my slump of blues and gray for at least till next weekend. I'm Bipolar so that's how i roll- like a freaking ROLLERCOASTER ride. I gotta chance to get some more Korean food at a nearby restaurant. Not that i need to confirm that I'll be able to live off of Korean food for a year... the food is like crack and i can't get enough of it. I can't wait till the meals stop costing 20 bucks a pop and settle to more like 4 bucks a day. I just hope they never run outta bulgogi.

I still gotta have that interview with the Korean consulate. I just hope it's as easy and breezy as the rest of the blogs say it is. I'm not really worried ( I've got so much charisma that a pit bull would smile and stamp my visa). I just don't want there to be any more problems. Plus i plan on sampling ATL's sultry delights while in town. Gotta hit up Glady's Knight chicken and waffles, the aquarium, COCACOLA world, and few choice clubs... etc The world has no idea.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

what's that #13 about?

happy anniversary my love...
this day may be insignificant to you it will always be special to me.
today is the day i fell in love for the very first time.. instant love.. love at first sight... with you. and to this day my heart remains a stricken possession of yours
i am a continuously paining, living,breathing example of loves' power
my heart still has not learned better
so today i kept you in my thoughts as i try fruitlessly to let go.
tonight i'll celebrate another year without you
i'm not always privy to my soul's plans so forgive me

Monday, May 12, 2008

Frustration isn't even the word

A bit of a hitch in the documents process. I sent my passport and visa info to the Korean Consulate. My recruiter assured me that i wouldn't have to interview . .. but I gotta call and yup you guessed it. I have to take off and go to Atlanta. Usually this would be no biggie. But that means i have to take off from both jobs for 2 days each, drive 6 hours and dress up for a 15 min conversation. I'm already leaving work a week early to prepare to leave. Seriously considering taking some more me time and continuing to work and then leave with my partner in crime.

A bit on recruiters: Amy is prompt with emailing and she answers every question I ask. But I still feel uncomfy b/c it's 3 weeks till I leave for Korea and i don't know my employers name, never spoken with then, no address or phone number. Hmm.... I know it's just that she does this placement thing everyday.. but this is my first time.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

25! Quarter of a Century

Happy Birthday to Me! I had an amazing bday weekend. On friday nite my friends and I went to a Korean Restaurant for some Bulgogi and Soju. It was delish. I got a bit tipsy and was hit on by the owner. If I had any reservations about Korea before they are kindly dimissed. I already love it !

I got some super gifts. 1. a Michael Jackon thriller remixes CD 2. Lonely Plant Guide to Seoul 3. Gift Card to Barnes & Noble. 4. Asian Food Guide (muchly needed) 5. 5 buck- tip money for entertainment. 6. Roses 7. THE WIZ 8. the best friends in the world!!!!!

Later we checked into the hotel and I finally got some sleep. On Saturday I got breakfast in bed, and let me tell ya.. Ain't nothin' like it! Food just seems to taste better in bed and then again food that you don't have to prepare is always good - especially immediately upon wakening. Then we were off to wak mart to get food and 25 ballons. A couple hours after were spent getting pampered at a salon... nails, spa, wax, massage... I almost fell asleep. I wish Bdays were monthly.

The fun begins at a recreation joint for go kart racing and paint ball.

I came in 7th place!
We left to go pick up the cake and enjoy a bookstore that I'm in love with. My best friend and I tend to be romance novel junkies.. the more books the merrier.

After that we went to the club to set up our RSVP tables.

Theme: Lights, Camera, Action!

Colors: red black white gold

Special Guest J.T.