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Friday, May 29, 2009

Korean Government Gears Up Against H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu)

In the face of the outbreak of the H1N1 influenza virus, the Korean government has raised its pandemic alert level to 2 out of 4, and is carrying out emergency procedures 24 hours a day to prevent the spread of the virus. In Korea, public fears over a possible full-blown pandemic are diminishing after the patients who had contracted the H1N1 virus made full recoveries, but of course vigilance is still necessary. Korean health authorities have tightened quarantine measures, and incoming passengers from infected countries are being thoroughly checked and monitored to detect any signs of infection. These passengers are also being called afterwards to check whether they have developed any flu-like symptoms. Moreover, two sets of heat sensors have been placed at airports to detect travelers with fevers and in-flight quarantine procedures are also being carried out if deemed necessary. The Korean government has a good history of responding quickly to the outbreak of a pandemic. When the severe SARS and AI viruses broke out, Korea remained safe thanks to its influenza monitoring system and quarantine measures. Park Seung-chul, Chairman of New Influenza Emergency Measure Committee said the World Health Organization (WHO) had applauded Korea’s influenza monitoring system and rapid response measures.

closing time.. News Flash

This is my last full week of working at Yeongju English Hell Center. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I'm making it out safely, alive, and not brain dead!

Bank information for donation transfers (this goes into his hospital account) The name is in Koreanaccount #:481-007433-01-011Bank: IBKIf you are not in Korea, you will need the following:Swift code: IBKOKRSEHospital: Soonchun Hyang University Hospital.Matt Robinson is an American ex-pat who has been teaching in Korea for about 3 years. Recently, due to conflicting medications and gangrene from a previous surgery, he almost died. He was taken to a hospital in Haebonchan where he is in pain, awaiting the surgery he needs. This hospital is threatening him. They are saying that if he does not give them 10 million won by tomorrow, they will kick him out without the surgery. This means that he will most likely need an amputation or (worse yet) he will die. He has no means to go home, nor is he physically able to get on a plane. I know that the ex-pat community in Korea is very strong. I also know that if this same thing happened to any one of you, we would all rise up. Please do not ignore this and think that other people will take care of it. This group is a last resort. Please act quickly, even if you can only give 1,000 won. There are a lot of people on facebook. If everyone gave that, he could get the surgery he needs. Many of you know Matt from his improv group that performs in Itaewon. I have known him for 8 years. He is a beautiful and funny person with a wonderful spirit. Please do not let this happen to him.You can help by contacting him at 01072645447. Or, you can contact me (Sara Moore) or Lydia Cooper, who is an officer of this group. Anything you can do will help - Even if it’s just passing on the information