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Thursday, October 2, 2008

좀ㅅ'ㄴ ㅣㅐㅍㄷ 햇ㅅㅁ 애 쟈소 ㅑㅅ!?!

sigh..... another Korean wtf!!!! moment... A bank transfer that i made recent has no showed for 5 days. SO it's time to break out the beat a ho sticks. I had a Korean teacher call the bank to explain the situation. ( You guys kinda sorta maybe made a mistake with account numbers-please fix?)
ok ok ok....
Then I went to the bank.. they said they were on lunch.. so i waited an hour.. Then the guy who did the transfer came back and said sorry and smiled and spoke Korean.. oh lawd. so i called the school for Korean translation..... they just spoke to each other and he told me to wait.. 20 minutes later.. my Korean teacher arrived. YAY! Nooooo. we must wait for the transaction to be reserved.. maybe takes 7 days... but maybe longer because tomorrow is a Korean holiday. AHHHHH! I plan to go back Monday w/ my sour face and see if it gets done any faster.. i can't believe that i wrote all the correct info :perfect on a KOREAN ass Form that i have m\no clue about.. showed him a TYPED out version of the info to check my info.. and he STILL entered the wrong G?D&!;?*^#&^ numbers.. the routing number and then the routing number as the acct number except change one digit.

oh wait i forgot.. I'm in

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Somebody's Somebody!

It makes me ILL!

Food Posioning at it's best strikes quickly and without warning. It lay instore for me under the guise of some runchy looking mcdonald's egg mc muffin. I should've known right?

So Spetember has always been a lucky month for me and today it draws to a close. lets's recap shall we..