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Monday, June 9, 2008

Ranting And Raving

i'm not sad but i'm finally missing home. as much as the Koreans lust for knowledge of american ways.. they don't get the concept. if they came to america they would expect it to be just like korea i think. SO i'm in korea and they just aren't as helpful as i would like. haven't got my money but i think they plan to get it to me in a lump sum on 25. i still must goto doctor. get alien card and open bank acct. but when- no clue.. who's my supervisor 7 different people who all speak half english and refer me to the next guy. i don''t have gas so no hot water-- cold showers.. sigh. or it could be that i can't work the stuff the instruction are in korean. Everyone gives me their phone number and say call me if u need anything.. well i have No cell phone so obviosly that's what i need. I'm on the mensus and maybe a bit bitchy.. i miss my toy box.. free time plus no toy box= sad wasted time. I'm taking better care of me.. lotsa water, makeup outfitconsideraton.. hair do... but i think my flatirons are too strong for the current these korean plugs give. there is a big store with flat irons for cheap- theyre ceramic too though. i know it might notsound great right now but CLB I promised never too lie about the way things are. I'm selfish but not to the expense of my beloveds. So i fully believe things will iron out and get peachy- b/c korea really is awesom- so much to do in such a small town. I'm glad that ur coming soon b/c ppl are leaving and i want us to take over and run shit together. SPEACKING OF SHYT.. i've had a mild case of them from day on till current. I'm going to be skinny of die trying.

By the way the english center is great. it's next door to the school literally so it's all goopd if u go to school. i broke my camera so i have to get a new one forpix.. b4 u come. the english center is a place whereeach school in yeongju sends it's kids for 2 days outta there regualr schol day. like taking ur kids to a ripley's believe it or not or a science fair all day 4 two days tolearn crap. Yeongju is farm countr so the kids don't really have the chance to get into hardcore learning and english.. therefore they eill prolly never leave yeongju--the way tings are. So us happy shiny teachers work and rotate in differnet section. like doc office sceene, post office sceme, bank scene.. (about 10 scenes in all. and we get the kids to go thru a script in englight to prepare them to go to the doctor in an english speaking place. The building is brand new as the program is. and expensive. Broadcast scene has tv equipment that put troy Jrn TO shame.! All the scene are a bit script. No real teaching goes on it's just providing a fun day for kids and hopefully they pick up a few things.

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