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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

fake coulture

I woke up this morning and my land lady came by..unanounced to go over appliances. I got caught doing no no- i was wearingflip flops insidemy apartment! Also there was some dust on the baseboard-- shame sahem.. and a pebble in the door jamb. Oh My GOD- how will i survive her inspections over the next year.. my consensus ajimmma 1- snafu -0.. i'm gonna have to super clean up my act. I'd planned on it- to my defensei haven't even been here long enough to clean the apartment from the last tenant.. let alone get settled and create a mess. Also we don't throw toilt paper into toliet. hmmm didn't make sense to me either. i'm guessing since korea operates on open sewers that the plumbing can't handle masses of TP. Go figure. That's why asian people put poo paperin the trash basket. As flavor flav says.wowwwww...

i'm jealous of the language- ineed to start learning! on the way home from school a co worker and i found-- a nail shop! one of 4 i yeongju. i have a appoint mnet for 530 on thursday-- i'm saved! they also do hair.. hmm i might get a crazy cut..

i can't get a cell phone or bank account yet.. i need a alien card first. To get an alien card i must complete an exam. Employer must set this up and deliver me to doctors b/c i don't even know how to get to the school from home( it's not walking distance). I'm frustarted b/c i can only go from work to home and maybe supermarket... other places require assistance or copany rather and i hate to bother my co workers. it's not their job to cater to me.. although brandon does so heartily. I told him i was a virgin waiting for marriage today. He seems unphased. Snafu 0 Brandon -1.

My employer hasnt paid me yet. 300 on arrival? nope flight money in 2 weeks? not yet.. first pay check? TBA I'm worried b/c they are bull shyting 3 other people on the way out. They are however paying me more than them.. kids the job ain't hard- it never is- it's always the asses youi must work for. And theydon't have a clue. Still i'm excited b/c i heard they take newbies to a fancy dinner! free food= good food. they told about the dinner to day. " Andrea Teacher you havedinner tommarrow with the yeongju. Just a Brandon, Andrea Teacher, Me and Yeongju. Do not tell other teachers! Please thanks you. Andrea teacher smiles bows and winks at brandon teacher. oh hell... nawl.. brandon is leaving on next monday.. and we'll be getting a new teacher .Rumors about brandon are backed b/c i've witnessed his truly awful teaching skills.When the center was first built her was the only show horse in town.. so bad skill was not a problem.. just big smiles. But now that it's up and running he's not the star anymore- another guys is. Luckily that precious guy is on a visa run till friday. This allows Andrea teacher ample time to smooze take over his work station take the only the classes i choose and close up shop on the best teacher position. You got to be more carefull... did i meantio i was an attention whore?

i fially ate the dish that brough me to korea! dweji bulgogi. and it was as slap yo mama good as i knew it would be.. on a dusty floor mat in a run down sweat box restaurant down a wet alley way. SOmething tells me i'll spend alotta time there. In USA that mean it 18 plus tax.. in Korea 5 bucks. after wards i went to baskin robins and let brandon pay for some dessert.. double scoop of greentea icecream for him... fireworks for had pop rocks in it.

In reflection the highliht of the day was a sweet student who began to cry as class ended. Sunni why are you sad? Teacher I want to win! I understand completely. In 3 seconds flat she was composed and plotting on the next game. SUnni will go far in life.

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