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Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party - Excite!


Everday I wake up and kiss the moning sky and greet myself in the mirror with kindness and adoration. It's become ritualistic. Because I know hen i walk out the door it immediately becomes STRANGWORLD.. where dirty old men try to grab and fondle you as you walk down the street. Old women eyeball you with a dead pan stare. Small children laugh and jeer and point or scream and run away when the see me. Taxi drivers tell me their life story- in korean- which i tell them i don't understand (in korean) .. they also never forget to tell me how big size or S curvy I am, some of them propasition me for sex- none of them succeed.
It seems I'm placed myself in a battle field. Sure i'm safe at point A and Point B... but getting there is hell. Some days I'd rather just stay in bed!

AMaZing! Race!

On October 25th We will be having Yeongju's first ever Amazing Race! I know I've spoken to some of you about my idea to have an amazing race in Yeongju. We've decided to host in on Saturday the 25th of October (so in about 2 weeks)All wheygooks and friends are invited so please spread the word. I'm not friends with everyone on facebook!OK, so this is how it's going to work. On Saturday the 25th we'll meet at a location at about 1 or 2. From there each team will be given the first 6 tasks. To complete the tasks you need to have photographic evidence of each group member participating! The tasks haven't been finalized yet and I was hoping people could post ideas for tasks. Once the first 6 are done, your team will have to meet me somewhere to get the next 6.First team at the final location and with all their photos-wins the race. We'll end it off at a bar somewhere so we can drink the night away!!!

There will be rules...1) no couples are allowed to be on the same team. If you've watched the show you'l know that these kinds of things can end in divorce!2) each team should have 4 team members3) No same sex teams4) no more than 1 person who can speak Korean on a team (where possible)5) we will try to minimize co-workers on teams. For example: the English center guys could not all be on one team6) if you have a run-in with the police-you can not use this game as an excuse!7) no driving!!!!!!!!!!!! You can take taxis.8) all members have to participate in all tasks and there must be photographic evidence to prove this.9) each team must have a theme and dress accordingly. There will be a cash prize for the best dressed team10) 10 000 won per person, to be used for the prizes

A-MaZiNg RaCe