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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Future Seoul Funk Sounds

Heart/ Seoul Involvment

To all those cheaters out there, teaching hearts to love on conditional basises; making music all over the world, upbeat and bitter suicidally screwed. Treating all the romatic falasises of broken hearted dreams. Warping the dreams of guys and girls to nightmares or trite and tasteless toys who don't deserve the reverb of the replay spinning in their soul.....

I really envy you, Your uncaring bliss and unhealing traits. I can't wait to be more like you and give up more of myself just to hurt someone else.

These sad love song i've been bumping have really got me stumped and thinking I should really have the beautiful ones that I really want.

I can't take it anymore. I'm making prototypes and breaking molds.. so don't think that I won't come for you just as soon as this shit gets old.

What I need right now is a sweet moment and an upbeat tune to bring me back to life and restore you to your doom..

Never have, never will.. play for keeps , not for thrills...

What ever makes her happy and gets her done ..
doesn't always make you the only one..

You make me wanna


Sounds Dirty-huh? It's painful.. yes . Lord Yes.. but it numbs up a lot after a few moments and then the relief of back stress is extremly pleasureable. SNM chicks everywhere envy me!

KIMCHI in the making

I went over to I love Lucy's home to make Kimchi. It was an interesting process. We ate hearty and watched a really hot movie. I got a chance to try out the cupping procedure I mentioned in an earlier post. It hurt like heaven and hell. But my back does feel better. our trip to Seoul happens tomarrow

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

School's Out For summer

Today was a crunch to finishee lesson plans and props. We won't be able to actually practice these lessons till we actually do then in 2 weeks. Our administrators have us in a bind. The truth is that .. what ever happens it'll be ok.. we're all smart capable ande over achieverss. what a freaking bunch. The competition is hearty in the office. So today we were at each others throats. So much fun....

Afterwards we went forthe school sponsored dinner.. bbq duck...we were invited to a noraebang and chaos followed. I really think they just wanted some american entertainment. Their faces lit up as the forced books and mics in to the foriegn teachers hands. Dance! Sing! b/c we can't or won't and boy we need a laugh.. Attn HO to the rescue.. who can resist a mic and a room ful of people. Captive audience are the best.. problem is no way to dmage control.

Canada guy though born in the USA would be a good group song..

here's the lyrics : what do you think????
Born down in a dead mans town
The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
You end up like a dog thats been beat too much
Till you spend half your life just covering up

Born in the u.s.a.,
I was born in the u.s.a.
I was born in the u.s.a.,
born in the u.s.a.

Got in a little hometown jam
So they put a rifle in my hand
Sent me off to a foreign land
To go and kill the yellow man

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008


The kids for Nambu elementary Love me!

The kids for Nambu elementary Love me!

The kids for Nambu elementary Love me!

I Scream You Scream

So the summer holiday are upon us. Although we believed that we'd be given our very own set of afternoon students when we got back- so we planned a ice cream party for their last day. Kinda like a thanks for the memories and headaches sorry if i was a crappy TEACHER... we found out we were wrong. But we already bought the party favors and etc.. so we decided to have a joint class summer's beginning bash..

A pissy point occured when all the other teachers decided to do the same deal on the DAY of... how un-orginal. We'd been planning for 2 weeks and no one asked to join or help or anything. Upon realization of our party the hastily crammed the freezer with their own boxes of ice cream.. The process of opening and shutting the freezer 2 billion times caused ours to soften.. I was kinda pissed.. but in he good ole spirit of competition we jumped in a taxi and went to pick up 10 pounds of candy and two HUGE celebratory cakes. ... Attn Ho wins again.

We had the most fun tricking some of the students in both classes. You know the ones that give us attitude an nonsense daily.. we sent them all to one class to do worksheets about..LOL Ice cream. While our sweeties partook in the spoils. We pumped the music: wonder girls, A plus, Shinne and jewelry.. all the hot stuff.. 10 minutes later we allowed out not so excellent , very apologetic baddies back into class for the party. It was grand.. One of my kids cried a bit.. but he makes me want to cry on a daily basis.. justice is blind, right?

Altogether it went well and i'm excited about the summertime.