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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dentist's and Other Woes

So #2 Korean LOVE de mi vida set myself and friend up with dental appointments with a English speaking Dentist. What Luck! RIGHT?.....WRONG!!! After abbreviating our weekend we show up for the appt only to be thrown into a chair, slung back , and poked prodded and drilled to submission. Again I'm thinking: I"M JUST BEING PUNK'D! The whole messy bloody and painful scraping only process tok about 20 minutes and after that I was charged 70 bucks with a 10 dollar discount ..... so 60. See ya next year! I walked away dejected and a little more of my self and my virtue gone down the drain in a pulpy blur. How will I ever make it!?

Speaking frankly about what's been going on.. Everyone knows it's a small world.. well Korea is even smaller. So some people found my bloggie and I've been hesitant to write least I write anything that may or may not hurt some one's feeling, but it's all about me right? And of course I know all you anonymouses out there want the 411.. So here goes....

Even since I got here it's been a very relaxed atmosphere. I work, I clean, I doodle, etc.. But at night my restless spirit kicks ups.. The temptation to gain attention is too strong for me to resist. Luckily there are alot of foreigners in our small town who have form a good network that allows for partying for bdays going aways, incoming ppl, just visiting..etc.. Also you never have to look far for someone to drink with on every night of the week and twice on Saturday. There's been a few late night early morning trips to other cities in a raid for American food and other similar delights. All these kind of fun occurrences are the experiences you can't buy with money. You pay for them with time off your life I'm sure. I'm sure some of my soul is still shining down up to the sidewalk thru a korean sewer wondering why is this happening to me!?

But the friends made here have a delicate balance. Just like in high school there are the cool kids and then the not so much. There are people who refuse to participate "if you're going to invite so and so". There are the perpetually alcoholics, the people who always skip out on the bill, the people who are never there, the people who are always there, the aspiring alkeys myself included, the ex professional drug addicts, the group that talks about everyone behind there backs, and then there are the beautiful ones that are the glue that hold the crew together in it genuine and haphazard form. It's dysfunctional and perfect! I have to say that on some level I really like each and everyone of these people. I hope that we'd keep in touch after the sojourn here is completed.. but the reality of it is.. that we are dropped off here together and free to be our true self's( or what ever self you wanna be) for a year... maybe 2 and then it's back to your reality where none of us exists and none of this ever happened and you have no one to recall the memory with. It reminds me of military living .. I've had so many best friends that i've never spoken to again it's not even funny.But it's an ingrained part of the life of a military brat.


Angie said...

Great post!

~ M A R I P O S A ~ said...

Thanks Angie.. I'm back in the game!