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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


HARU HARU is a song by Korean hotties BIG BANG.. More spiky hair and eye makeup.. enough to make the hearts of little Korean boys green with envy and little girls swoon with the wonder of Boy Band? Boy band! I like Boy band!!!

haru haru means today today..or so translated my class. They can't get enough of it.. more addicting than the wondrous wonder girls.. they beg for them and actually behave the entire 45 minutes of class so the last fleeting 5 minutes can be saturated with big bang ness....

Tomorrow Tomorrow i will completew my rounds of tecahing Chuseok is like Thanksgiving. let's make a Turkey Lurky!!! It's been fun especially the part when the kids learn the Gobble Gobble sound.. I gobbled at lunch to this 1st grader and he nearly choke up his rice b/c he was laughing so hard. These and many more heart warming kindy moments brought to you by teacher who care!

I need to firm up plans on how to squander my 4 and a half days vaction without spending too much money.. Autobikes are ecpensive and though I love my PINKIE dearly.. she was a mint! So i'm considering having a sleep over, or going to a house party, or climbing a mountain and camping, or soliciting myself all over Seoul. It's like a choose your own adventure book all over again! God I love those things.

Tonight was spent singing karaoke and drinking soju. Some korean guys showed me and CLB some magic tricks.. later I swung by a drinking hole just in time to catch and share a part in the retlling of everyone's worst/best/mostawkward.most interesting/ sexually experience. For me in had to be that time I wanted to wear my letters... memories...

By the way: Happy Belated Bday K! I love You LANDON and ANITRA!! MWAH! Trifecta plus One lives on!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm an avid reader of your blog! :) Not sure if you're into politics but I'm on a mission to get the word out that if you want to vote in the election this year you can sign up for an absentee ballot though:

Happy blogging!