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Monday, September 8, 2008

Today 2:34 pm

We all get called in to a meeting with our new supervisor of One week. I'm just thankful that she didn't turn out to be a fire breathing dragon! She is honestly a nice lady who is just as late as me every morning. She sits us all down and explains that our numbers of students are flailing.. obviously we aren't doing something wrong. The suggestions from the principal are to 1. Talk More 2. Be careful 3. Don't Use So Much Media and 4. Try to bond with the students.. so basically anything short of flipping tricks to keep the students a coming to the take you money palace.

My question is Do you really want English teachers or Side show ponies?? Nobody likes a teacher who actually teaches.. yes we learn but not it's not alwasy fun. On the flip side If we make classes a nonstop circus ( no offense mc mong) then how are we serving these children?? How is that helping their English skills?

The school principal has a crackerjack team with unbelievable skills in his back pocket .. how do i know? Becasue we've been operating with NO korean teachers and NO textbook and NO materials and still we've been beating out all the other schools and hagwons. Only 9 months later do we wane and only slightly... gimme a break.. this is for the birds... I wish the principal would take some of the cash spent on group dinners , soju and beer and buy us a box of textbooks.

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