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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Best Motivation...


Side Note in My Heart: 2 years ago I took to running on the track almost daily. Up until that point i hated and resisted all types of exercise. I can't believe I actually enjoyed running. Of course now I realize that my previous attempts at healthy and exercise only included myself. The moment that I had a partner, another driving force, some one to talk to, complain about, run faster than... was the moment became FUN to RUN! Even between the best of friends, there's always the competition factor. i don't think it's bad- it's actually a healthy way to motivate. Well, when that was taken away I continued to run for a while, but the difference was noticeable and the act actually sadden me- so i quit.

So Boys & Girls, the morale of the story? Competition is MY MOJO!

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