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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy Bodies

Today was as long as forever. I'm tired but I feel rewarded. We had the BBQ. . It was a blast. Lots of food- i stuffed myself silly and drank way too much! I'm going to miss getting to do things like that. It makes you stop and remember to be thankful for life, friends, family, good food and good times. I'm excited about my B-day celebration it's less than a week away. I'll be a Quarter of a Century Old. I think I've closed in on the luggage that i want to travel with, but sadly I haven't started the moving process.. maybe after my B-day. i just seem to be such a busy girl these days.
For this past year I've worked 2 full time job and Taken 6 Graduate level courses. I need a break from the grown up life. I can't wait to travel and meet new interesting people in strange places! I think about it constantly.. you can probably tell.

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