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Monday, April 28, 2008

Documents-Faster than a speeding bullet!

I'm excited to say that my documents reached Korea safely! And it only took 2 days! So now I can twiddle my thumbs more agitatedly as I wait for my Visa number to issued to me by email. I hate the waiting game. Incidentally, a few more recruiters have contacted me with some lucrative job offers. I'm sticking to my guns. I'll be placed at a public school where I work 8-4 and it's Gyeongju! It a tourist attraction in korea that's reknown for it's beauty and splendor. It helps that the big city of Busan and a really posh beach is kinda close to me too!!!!!!!! I've decided to start getting rid of junk this weekend. For all who know me- you know I love my JUNK. It'll be tough but I can't procrastinate or I'll leave for Korea with a bunch of unsettled affairs.

Love Andrea

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Peter Bond said...

Hi Andrea! Nice to meet another fellow Korean Adventurer!

Gyeoungju is a very nice city - it's not the country. There is a mid-size city there that I just didn't photograph or talk about in my post, mostly because it's not that interesting (I was only there for two days, so I can't qualify that!) Streets, shops, and houses - lots to see and do. I found the student area (kinda northish) which had a great nightlife and there's a wonderful area of shops to the east by the train station. Apperently the Buddhist temple on the mountain is amazing, but I missed that.

I think you'll have fun there, and as you said, Busan is close by - which rocks! And Seoul is only 4 hours away!

Enjoy the build-up and the packing...