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Monday, June 16, 2008


Let's get right to it.
No leading you through my day although we did get a new teacher and I found a global ATM and a 1 dollar store. It matters not.

Cuz at the end of the day...

that SOB Psychopath from next door- yes BRANDON TEACHER- decided to try to BREAK into my ROOM while I was at WORK!

When i got home my key woouldn't work in the door! At closer inspection I found that it has all types of scrapes and scrathed and it was stripped! ON top of that it was filled to the brim with SUPERGLUE! Folks this is why we now must go through a long and involved visa process- to weed out the WIERDOS like Brandon. I just thank my lucky stars that he is audio 5000.

I ran upstairs to friends apartment and she translated to the land lady. At this point i was feeling ALL of the helpless female bit and began to bawl like somebody's bad ass child! Sniffling, sobbing, snotting- the works! ONLY the majority of my tears were becasue i knew I couldn't physically whoop his AZZ.. becasue finally someone gave me a good reason.

He's in Seoul right now pawning his wierdness off on some
unexpecting korean youngster! .They had to call the lock smith for and ASAP to RIP THE FREAKING LOCK OFF! And then replace it. I'm glad to see they had a had timr trying to fix the lock ..that meant he couldn't get in..thus the frivolous scraping marks.. so he resorted to superglue.

All in all the land lady now believes it's her job to protect me- i now have a Korean mama! I told her he was crazy and she looked at me like i told you so... and smiled. The new locks were in in 5 minutes at the low price of ten bucks.

My positive energy restored when i checked everything in my room . It's all good! It about to start raining so i invited myself to spend the night with the beautiful couple - because i'm scared of bad weather! It's gonna be a great opprotunity to bond on their last days here and to talk trash about brandon teacher just like he always thought we did anyways.. well now we are B we are!

I take comfort in the fact that I know his full name and SSN and incidentally his banking number b/c of all the bitching he did in the office in front of everyone.. And hmm he just got paid today.. OYB

Let's Tally shall we?

Being your friend for 5 days- 500
Putting up with crazy convo - 150
Pain and Suffering- -f--------free i'm unsed to it
Pissing me off-5 million 700 zillion 400 hundred thousand 37 dollars and eleventy two cents!
Revenge------------------ Pricless


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msnpieceofmyheart said...

aww.i want you to come home too!