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Friday, June 20, 2008

It Makes Me Ill

I love my kids.. they drive me up the wall but today i showed up ciably sick and they were to kind.. aalmost scary.

It' s friday and play day anyways.. but they saw my agony and told me to have a seat.. got me hot green tea.. took role... turned on my overhead and played hangman.. semi quietly. They even drew a picture of me that said ANDREA TEACHER #1! They also ask about brandon teacher.. i told them he was gone forever.... The guys gave me a high fiver.. Andrea Teacher VERYVERY GOOD TEACHER! My heart` warmed....

The girls usually have to opolice the boys b/c they know that their friday game day is in jepordy of if they give me too many problems. But today.. the boys policed themselves! I griped yesterday about the candy wrappers they left in the class after i gave them suckers. So i opted to not give out candy today. But one particular menace to class instruction volenteer for the first hang man. He went to the board ( after googling the english version of his words) and did a two word phrase.. wow i can't even get them to spell words over 5 letters. To my suruprise his phrase was "CANDY PLEASE!" OMG how cute! how could I resist. Here take two candies and let Andrea teacher take a nap! WINK!

I'm officially sick. Dunno how it happened.. maybe from not sleeping well. Maybe from 2 weeks of loud talking and lots of repetition or singing the who stole the cookie game. Mayhaps from drinking and singing loud karaoke till midnight. maybe it was the shock that my new friend lucy is putting on me with gym 5 times a week. 30 min walk... cardio.. weight.. crunches. then one hour in the pool doing laps.... then 30 min walk.. i'm soooo tired. But with any luck i'll feel stronger soon and better even sooner. I finally got my settle ment cashh.. which quickly went to buy some decent gym shoes. I went just to the gym's sauna today. wierd thing about the gym.. you must be nakid!. You must shower nude before pool and sit in sauna in the bday suit.

For those who know my fasination with meeting the owner of say a club, bar, or restaurant.. well i had my first totally ununderstandable convo with the korean owner of the gym. Although the convo was sketchy I did get a few things.. like she's fro m punggi.. a small neighbor to yeongju and that she went to seoul university where she mad straight A's for 3 years. Go You! She asked me about teaching her english becasue my " face is very beautiful" .. ATTNHO TIME BABY YEAH OYB! and my breast very very big.. whoa... what' that gotta do with english? SO yeah it was kinda uncomfy having a convo in the buff and then have it be 2 separate languages.. and then reference my womanly parts..

On top of this i'm just not feeling well.. She was very nice though.. offered me some expensive hair products and helped me scrub away dead skin cells.. wow. that's what friends are for! She gave me her card later on and asked if i was a god teacher and how much i make as a teacher.. i gave the sign for so so and said "enough".. i don't wanna be deported Does free gym time count as payment?

i go to the doctore in andong tommarrow to get a physical.. and maybe something for my awful sore throat.. trouble comes in 3's.. lost ring, slip and twisted ankle and then sorethroat so maybe it's over..


Anonymous said...

I hope you get better soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl how ia it going. I miss you. I hope Korea is a nice place and all is well . I wish I was there with you that would be awesome. Well missing you Precious