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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


ANDREA TEACHER- has been implewmenting some more authoritative methods in the classroom. Nice teach who we can walk all over is gone! Teacher that makes us exercise when we speak Korean is in! I know the kids like me.. countless high fives and thumbs up tell me so.. but they still feel like i'm their friend and therefore crossable.. this is not so. also the class levels have been determined and`my lessons have gotten harder. i don't let up at all.. ill wait for ever for a verbal answer.. As a result of all these changes the class has become more animated and difficult fo me.. ALL THE BETTER. i must make class fun reinforce previous lessons, test for memorization, asses disciplinary problems, bring the quiet child out of his or her shel and empathize with the adhd child. it's a circus- and they are growing in to little hams! And i love it!

ONe chils ased my if my new meanness (teacher mean!) was due to the weather.. it's been rainy today and slow and melancholoy.. so it's possible.. i'm human. On my way out of school I slipped a fell down some stairs in front of all the other teachers-- complete wipe out.. Man it hurts- i came home to my us stash of meds and got to poppin'. It was very nice of them all to hail me a cabbie so i wouldn't have to walk.. they really are a grand group of folks! i may never leave..what now feels like home!

I scraped up my lega bruised my hip and twisted my ankle.. but i still gotta make it to the gym tonight. All in a days work for andrea teacher.

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Erin said...

That definitely seems like one of the biggest teaching challenges--how to balance being a friend and being a strict teacher. I think that's going to be the hardest part because you want the kids to like you, but you also need them to follow the rules. Good luck!