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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Live Your Life

T.I. and Rhianna say it best:

You're gonna be a shining star, fancy clothes, fancy car-ars.

And then you'll see, you're gonna go far. Cause everyone knows, who you are-are.

So live your life, ay ay ay. Instead of chasing that paper.

Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay. Ain't got no time for no haters.

Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay. No telling where it'll take you.

Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay. Cause I'm a paper chaser.

Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)

Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)

I'm the opposite of moderate,

immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid.

Allergic to the counterfeit, impartial to the politics.

Articulate but still a grab a nigga by the collar quick.

Whoever having problems with their record sales just holla 'tip.

If that don't work and all us fail, then turn around and follow 'tip.

I got love for the game but ay I'm not in love with all of it.

I do without the fame and rappers nowadays are comically.

The hootin' and the hollerin', back and forth with the arguing.

Where you from, who you know, what you make and what kind of car you in.

Seems as though you lost sight of whats important when depositing them checks into your bank account and you up out of poverty.

Your values is in disarray, prioritizing horribly.

Unhappy with the riches cause you piss poor morally.

Ignoring all prior advice and fore warning. And we might in full of ourselves all of a sudden aren't we?

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