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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sometimes this world cuts you deep
and brings you lower than you've ever been before. ..
All those moments
when the ray of light seems so dim...
you can't even find the motivation to find some motivation.
The only good thing about these moments is that it teaches us
to keep trying
to never accept failure and
to win out when we're against the odds.
My lowest moments are some of my proudest
when I look back on my life..
they encourage me to strive toward life and love and the future!!!


Carmel said...


I was just browsing the net and reading blogs about Korea and low and behold I found yours. Your blog seems cool. But the interesting thing to me is your from Alabama and so am I. I'm from Montgomery but now I live in Wonju Korea. Anyways keep doing your thing and have fun. And maybe we could have the chance to meet one day ^-^

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog since you started it so I figured I might as well leave a comment! I'm moving to Daegu, South Korea in September so naturally I'm an expat-blog stalker! Yours is by far my favorite! It seems like you're having a good time and I really enjoy how you express your current mood through poems. Anyway, keep it up! I always get excited when you've posted something new!


~ M A R I P O S A ~ said...

Thanks Carmel- what big cityis Wongju close to? wow! i can't believe someone out there is really listening.. Daegu is like a half hour from me! Both of ya'll shoot me an email and we can exchange some info!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you are having greta time and meeting new friends. Precious