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Friday, August 8, 2008

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My experience on my trip to ESL land are prolly different from what anyone has or ever will go through. So before I begin my rant.. take a moment to thank you lucky stars you're not me and also remember that althugh it's not the greatest job.. it's better than most..

Hi Amy, I hope you are well. I'm learning to travel and I love working at my job at Yeongju English Center! But i'm having a major communication difficulty with my boss, Mr. Jung. As you know I taught school for the 2007- 2008 school year in Alabama before coming to Korea. When I signed my contract I provided Mr.s Jung with TWO letter stating that I had one year of experience. He said they were BOTH insufficent becasue they didn't list the exact dates. He told me when I could give him a document with the exact dates on it .. then I would be given my proper pay salary (level2). Two months later I recieved the document and gave it to him he agreed to change my level. However when my pay day arrived i found that he did not change the level. When I called him he said that he would not chcnage my level or back pay me for june and july because the exact date show aug 6 2007- may 31st 2008 and that's only 10 months; so in august i would be eligible for the higher (2nd)level. My letter plainly say that these months equal one acedemic school year of teaching. I tried to explain to him that in america we don't go to school year round and that my experience counts as one year because: A. while teaching we work longer days( 7- 4) with only 20 min lunch breaks while we watched our students B. We took less holidays. Our vacation times are only in the 2 summer months june and july. c. We are contracted to work exactly 187 days out of the year and those days are compressed into 9 months. I'm really frustrated with the situation. He suggested that I get another statement from my school explaining why my 10 months equal one year of experience. That would make the 4 letter my school has given to me. My question is : is it common to over look some or all of the foreign teachers experience? So if I worked at my school 3 years ... in korea i would have only 2 years and 6 months experience? Is there anyone else I should contact about the situation? Could you call to inquire about what's happening? Thanks Andrea

Dear Andrea
This is Amy

I'm so sorry too late reply.

And I understand your email definitely because, I experienced from the other teachers same as you before and now.
So, now from central education board, it is starting understand American school year.
As you know, I'm working with national board and seoul board also.
last year when I worked with them, they also didn't apply teacher's level up if the papers said such as " 2007-2008 school year"
However, this year they can apply level up if the papers said "a school year"
but, unfortunately, not yet provinces area until now including Gyeongbuk and of course Yeongju.
That's why mr. jung who can not apply for your level up first time after your paper.
and he can apply for your level up payment from August pay if you submit paper again during July.

Well, How can I say to you and get to understand you?
I'm so sorry about your pay June and July.
but, in my exereince, school inspector mr. jung who can not back your pay June and July in his position by himself.
and if you work in Korea 3 year, then you can get 3 year teaching proof paper.
because, in korea always wirte including all vacation time.

That's why this probelm always take place ultil now.
and now it is started understand from Seoul Education Board about American school year.

please let me know again what about your understanding?


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