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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Scream You Scream

So the summer holiday are upon us. Although we believed that we'd be given our very own set of afternoon students when we got back- so we planned a ice cream party for their last day. Kinda like a thanks for the memories and headaches sorry if i was a crappy TEACHER... we found out we were wrong. But we already bought the party favors and etc.. so we decided to have a joint class summer's beginning bash..

A pissy point occured when all the other teachers decided to do the same deal on the DAY of... how un-orginal. We'd been planning for 2 weeks and no one asked to join or help or anything. Upon realization of our party the hastily crammed the freezer with their own boxes of ice cream.. The process of opening and shutting the freezer 2 billion times caused ours to soften.. I was kinda pissed.. but in he good ole spirit of competition we jumped in a taxi and went to pick up 10 pounds of candy and two HUGE celebratory cakes. ... Attn Ho wins again.

We had the most fun tricking some of the students in both classes. You know the ones that give us attitude an nonsense daily.. we sent them all to one class to do worksheets about..LOL Ice cream. While our sweeties partook in the spoils. We pumped the music: wonder girls, A plus, Shinne and jewelry.. all the hot stuff.. 10 minutes later we allowed out not so excellent , very apologetic baddies back into class for the party. It was grand.. One of my kids cried a bit.. but he makes me want to cry on a daily basis.. justice is blind, right?

Altogether it went well and i'm excited about the summertime.

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