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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heart/ Seoul Involvment

To all those cheaters out there, teaching hearts to love on conditional basises; making music all over the world, upbeat and bitter suicidally screwed. Treating all the romatic falasises of broken hearted dreams. Warping the dreams of guys and girls to nightmares or trite and tasteless toys who don't deserve the reverb of the replay spinning in their soul.....

I really envy you, Your uncaring bliss and unhealing traits. I can't wait to be more like you and give up more of myself just to hurt someone else.

These sad love song i've been bumping have really got me stumped and thinking I should really have the beautiful ones that I really want.

I can't take it anymore. I'm making prototypes and breaking molds.. so don't think that I won't come for you just as soon as this shit gets old.

What I need right now is a sweet moment and an upbeat tune to bring me back to life and restore you to your doom..

Never have, never will.. play for keeps , not for thrills...

What ever makes her happy and gets her done ..
doesn't always make you the only one..

You make me wanna

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you have what it takes. to give me all that is great. bring me to the place where the wind blows in my head. and all the worries of yesterday are dead. where we can listen to the whistle of the wind. and let all the heartbreak of the past amend. dont let go. just hold on tight. let me hold your hand. ill take you on this flight. can you find where i lost my soul. everyone been searching. but where it is only you know. bless the life i have lived. all i have to you i will give. its not ever time to go. you know i love you so. its near the beginning. there will never be an ending. just give me your love for life. its you that will be my wife. THATS WHO I WOULD LOVE TO MEET!!!!!!!!!! This what a guy wrote on his myspace it so oh my god........ cheeer up mwAHHH pRECIOUS