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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shinee- Replay

"Nunan neomu yeppeoseo.."
just when I thought I could go
my heart is lost and you're pulling me back again
wishing on a falling star
wish I could be where you are
somehow you came and changed my everything

when you're not around
I just feel a little down
this is kinda silly right...
it's not okay to me
and I think I'm gonna hate it girl
if you turn your back on me
I don't wanna let this go ...
but I'm wondering

how do I be careful
not to show you what I dream of
kinda crazy but I
replay replay replay

when we're together
every moment that I treasure
like a movie that I
replay replay replay

you know you're my M.V.P.
no one else has got what I need
when it's just us two
I get shy but then you keep it so cool
the way you're always watching out for me
and although I wanna believe
tell me I'm not just imagining.

"Nunan neomu yeppeo"
I don't wanna hear it no more
cause I know it's gonna
replay replay replay

keep trying not to fake it
how am I supposed to say it
you're the song that I
replay replay replay

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