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Monday, May 5, 2008

Yeongju Not Gyeongju! !

I'm jittery today. I can't sit still! I want to be on a plane already. I'm scared that if i continue to stress and panic at the thought of Korea that i will just fold. I don't want to do that. SOLUTION: get on a plane already.
So many things are conditional. The flight date depends on the visa issue date. which depends on the speed on my new employer, their connection to my recruiter ... etc. Sux huh?

yesterday's panic attack was brought to me by the sudden knowledge of my new home. It's not Gyeongju it's Yeongju. Well well, what a big difference one letter makes. So i must go back to the drawing board and re initaiate myself with all things Yeongju. i had gotten into Gyeongju Groove so much that I was beginning to fall in Love. Now I'm waiting for Yeongju to earn my confidences.. so far so good

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