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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm totally in love with this guy... He's funny as hell. And his mannerisms and acting technique is off the charts.. He's gotta be the one!

Yesterday I went to a really snazzy chinese restaurant opening and to the 2nd night opening of a Noraebang in town. It was a wonderful experience. It was chill but it was Andy's "another waygook teacher " s last night in town. I wonder how it's gonna feel when it me leaving town. It seems to be geting hard to see people go. If I stay I'll have to welcom all new faces and the dynamic that i'm so used to will change.. maybe better maybe worse.

Thailand is waiting impatiently for my arrival and I couldn't be happier. It seems unreal. I'm actually an international girl now! I'm considering doing another year in korea and then changing to South American ESL teaching. SOmewhere in between i need to pick up a TOEFL certificate.

The work place is dragging slow but buzzing with a happy tiredness from being woren out, ridden hard, and put up wet!

Valentine's day is around the corner.. have you picked out a candidate for the BIG "V"!!!

I've gotten 11 options and they are all the same.

It'll al get better in time

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