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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm going to THAILAND!

Bitch- I've been Drankin'! Yes a little more than needed.. But life has been upside down side i step on a plane heading east. It's been a rat race of lesson planing. Parties for the kids, parties for the grown up kids and christmas and new years flew by without my permission- mind you. And vactaion time is upon me.

I've started hanging out armed in group think memnatlity. Courtney, Myself, and Jovianna- the new edition to the journey to Korea. Extremely cool chick who's coming to THAILAND as well.

Booking tickets and hotels has been rough but it's becoming obvious that there is a good time to be had in thailand. We're going to be in the BANGKOK area.

Much more to come..pretty soon my year will be over although I'm 95 % sure that i'm going to resign at the same place.. if they wanna keep me.

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