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Monday, May 12, 2008

Frustration isn't even the word

A bit of a hitch in the documents process. I sent my passport and visa info to the Korean Consulate. My recruiter assured me that i wouldn't have to interview . .. but I gotta call and yup you guessed it. I have to take off and go to Atlanta. Usually this would be no biggie. But that means i have to take off from both jobs for 2 days each, drive 6 hours and dress up for a 15 min conversation. I'm already leaving work a week early to prepare to leave. Seriously considering taking some more me time and continuing to work and then leave with my partner in crime.

A bit on recruiters: Amy is prompt with emailing and she answers every question I ask. But I still feel uncomfy b/c it's 3 weeks till I leave for Korea and i don't know my employers name, never spoken with then, no address or phone number. Hmm.... I know it's just that she does this placement thing everyday.. but this is my first time.

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