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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yes sir, the underdog, the unrated, never defined, overly inquisitive waif personality, the dream-able rock star, the sweaty palmed nervous type , the closed mouthed kisser, the hold holding, CD burning, the everything is wonderful, anything is meaningful, too shy to ask for it, really deserving man in a lithe body and brawny mind.. You are the one that I wish for...

So part of the process of living and working in korea..CHANGE.. everything is always changing. Now once a week I have to leave my class in the care of another teacher and visit my co workers to pick up teaching tips. Talk about invouluntarry participation. I hope who ever coined the phrase a change will do you good made a lot of money by lying to me!! I'm feeling in high spirts because it's fetting close to the time of year when days fly by and christmas looms ahead with it's lofty ideals and feel good moments.. i can't wait!

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