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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Like a Moth to a Flame

My crazy ass should have stayed in last night, slept in this morning, not gone back to work.. I should be asleep right now. But it's like i'm in a dream.. I just keep going not really hurting and not really happy and not really learning or growing. Am i stagnating already? I'm becoming a blurb on the intresst meter! Courtney came along as planned and it's been sooo great to have her here- I think she's adjusting better than I did! Her first night we took the ceremonial trip to the waygook bar called fish grill and were immediately beconned to the only waygooks available. I'd met Sammy and Simone before.. Good Deal. The drinks were perfect as always- that's something korea can't do wrong. The food was much too spicy . The conversation was light hearted and jovial. But our new found buddies sparked the interest of the slusho box.... this is not good! Less than a month in and the Ole Slusho Box is at it again! As this particular conquest is prolly never gonna see the light of day.. I should let it pass and reassure the box that as we both patiently wait.. a similar box of goodies makes it's way to us.. my precious! I JUST KNOW THAT CUSTOMS BETTER NOT DENY ME MY MACHINAMOJO!!! Any way- who knows.. i say it's improbable.... but the box has been known to get what the box wants...

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Not A Dime: I'm A Silver Dollar!!! said...

Hey girl I have got your back. Let me know your address and whay you want or need. Send it to myspace address. Love ya Precious