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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm afraid i have more bad news. I was admitted to the hospital in yeongju on sunday because i had acute tonsilitis which closed up my throat and discontionued my ability to breath well. I was in so much pain.. starving but unable to eat and at the mercy of doctors speaking a language i couldn't grasp. For future reference learn the important lingo like allergic and doctorb and medicine BEFORE youi LEAVE ur country.. The room i was in was private thank god. But dirty- yucky dirty. Like all you needed was some clorox on the walls and CLEAN sheets! They provided no clothing.. i mean it was like hostel the sicko movie..i was so scared. Lucky me my phillipina moma staye dthe night with me- she slept on the floor-- that's love. Felicia teacher who is mother hen #2 called my mom and detailed the situation. She's the one that made the call for help for me.. otherwise ya'll.. i dunno what i would've done!

More details later when i'm actually supposed to be doing something other than resting!
was released about and hour ago. My employer was very helpful to me though i was very very sick. I learned that i do not need an operation to yank out my tonsils- i was so glad to hear that! I just wanted to let you know what was happening. My BFF courtney willarrive today and stay with me until her apart ment is ready next week.

But anyways- YES my experience was painfull and terrifying becasue I was frustrated with the language barrier. I now know how to say NO PENICILLIN and ask for water and an english speaking doctor in Korean. But thank heavens God is like Visa Everywhere I want to be! So many people helping turned a bad situation into a learning experience for this new teacher. I'm a little drugged up still but I'm not in pain and very much content--I lost a bunch of weight quickly- and YES MAMA I WILL WATCH WHAT I EAT!.. Most days I eat ramen noodles for breakfast an dinner and lunch at school... Still groggy and very medicated..


tami said...

oh thats sound bad but thank gooddness you're feeling better now. Hope you get well soon.

~ M A R I P O S A ~ said...

heya- thanks a bunch Tami. I really appreciate the good will!