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Thursday, May 22, 2008

what i'm going to miss

This trip will mark the start of a adventure ( i hope) and I'm so ready; but of course I'm going to miss some of the things I love like: My students- they are ( doubtlessly) the coolest bunch of people I've ever meet. I'm glad they allowed me into the inner circle! My co -teachers- because the accept me with many grains of salt and till love me and include me and sometimes take MY ADVICE. The famous hermit crab- Aubbie, Boss Man, and Sebastian! i was only kidding about eating you guys- but i will be eating many many of your cousins and friends in the very near future. My roomie- it's nice to know I'll always have someone in my corner 9even if they are tucked into corner HALF WAY ROUND THE WORLD! I'm gonna miss my niece and nephew- they're the mot attractive creations my brother's ever even though about. I'm gonna miss my co workers at the hotel: we re all seriously on that other stuff- but that makes us family. * it was the first job I ever liked. My friend Regina and family. MY CAR- oh Goddess Patronus! What shall I do without the sweet purr of your engine and iridescent glow of your interior lights, those star lite rides with the volume blasting and the speedometer wide open and that spacious bed in the back ...... nuff said!

I had a dream last night that the trip to Korea took me 30 seconds and upon reaching my destination with many fiends in tow- I tried to exchange my cash for won at a hot dog selling greasy spoon.. they jipped me - and I got pissed! The first rule of No No's when going to Korea is never show your level pisstivity....(I call this dream a lesson learned)

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