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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My "D"elimma

So I'm still salty about yesterdays blues.. And the fact that I got conned into remaining at both my jobs an extra week, thus setting my trip to Korea back a week. Insert sigh here. I really think it has something to do with my inability to say NO..and mean it. I'm a categorical YES Ma'am/ Sir type of person. Of course I'm submissive in nature but i think my spunkyness more than over takes the sub inside. But maybe not

anyways. . I'm getting a chance to go throw myself around at the Beach this weekend and then floss a bit more in ATL when I go to pick up my Visa. Hmmm.. It's guaranteed good times but it also makes me sad.... I'm not going to play wild wanton woman takes on the world while I'm in Korea. I mean let's face some facts. I don't know (really know) what's the atmosphere is going to be like in Korea. *if you are reading this and have a clue PLEASE tell me in COMMENTS* I do know that I'm prolly bigger than your average Korean hot triple. But a good friend and a great love of mine told me that : skinny is for punks. Also if you haven't noticed I've had a tan since birth. Not sure how I will be received on that note either-


To top it all off -lets' just say I'm different. I'm extreme, moody, outgoing, fun loving, but i've always gotta take things too far. Attention is my drug.. good attention, bad attention, doesn't matter to me. I've gone to great lengths to get it and it's not something I'm willing to do without. I can't pack it in my suitcase so I've gotta figure out where i can get some..
Not to mention- where am i gonna get some? A year's a long freaking time!?!&^*_(^&%($

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