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Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson- You are not alone

To all the Die-Hard- No-Limit Michael Jackson fans out there..

SO I just finished watching the newly released movie ‘This is it” and I felt like I had to try and do SOMETHING to connect with people who can understand what I’m going through right now. …because I'm feeling really crazy.

I’ve been completely smitten with Michael since I was too young to remember. I’ve enjoyed every performance, song, and dance he’s done many times over. I like to sing and dance to his music while I’m.... well just about anywhere. He’s without a doubt a very special and important part of my life. Some of my friends and family don’t understand my passionate obsession with the King of Pop… They think ‘ sure he’s got cool moves and great songs but we don’t even really care for the guy’ It’s not like that for me.. I think about him at least once everyday for what has now been my life. I know the songs inside and out and the move me beyond words, to tears, to deeper understanding of myself and other in the world, to greater heights than I’ve ever known.

I know, from the screaming fans I’ve seen passing out on screen, or imitating his dance moves to a on youtube, or devoting lives to looking more like him….., that I’m not the only one. But I still seem to be the only one around feeling a lil’ lost and hopeless. Y'know I find myself wishing to be around people that were ok with a conversation saturated with notes on Michael, or stories about how music changed my life, or even no conversation at all.. just listening to the music together and feeling connected to something great.

Don’t think that I’m a MJ Psycho.. that’s simply not the case.. I just miss so terribly the best thing that never happened to me.


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