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Monday, October 27, 2008


Everday I wake up and kiss the moning sky and greet myself in the mirror with kindness and adoration. It's become ritualistic. Because I know hen i walk out the door it immediately becomes STRANGWORLD.. where dirty old men try to grab and fondle you as you walk down the street. Old women eyeball you with a dead pan stare. Small children laugh and jeer and point or scream and run away when the see me. Taxi drivers tell me their life story- in korean- which i tell them i don't understand (in korean) .. they also never forget to tell me how big size or S curvy I am, some of them propasition me for sex- none of them succeed.
It seems I'm placed myself in a battle field. Sure i'm safe at point A and Point B... but getting there is hell. Some days I'd rather just stay in bed!

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