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Sunday, July 4, 2010

As I lay Dying

I got the chance to go with my Daddy Long Legs like old Chingu Yeong Kim to visit his fathers burial mound. What an interesting trip. Started at about 11:30 with a trip to Punggi to pick up some famous rice cakes (very expensive) that his father liked. Then we visited his childhod friends family and had a huge 20 piece side dish lunch. Theb we went next door to visit more inlaws.. more food fun anf fellowship. The last house we ate at was a 80 ajumma who was recollecting the first time she saw a black person.. The korean war... She said she was so scared that she ran! He friend who is younger only remembers that " the black people were the ones to give me chocolate- the white people would not"... We then climbed a windy hilly mountain that rounded into a clearing with a noticable mound carve in to the acove of the mountain. He displayed the rice cakes, bowed twice, and hesitated a moment in reflection. We left and went to Seosu suwon to have patpinsu! The we went back to good ole Yeongju to visit a traditional tea shop and have green tea..